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creative inspiration

Just had to share.
Gavin’s cartoons are so inspiring. He’s got some good advice here for working at home. I know I am a slacker at it a lot of the time (my dogs are my achilles heel, I could just nap with them all day), so his advice is most helpful.

If you haven’t already, check out Gav’s website and other inspirations.
creative struggle

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Wordless Wednesday

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Monday motivation

I love this big, fat, soft, chunky yarn in this green and I have been chomping at the bit to make something awesome out of it and have decided to try my hand at a hat. Yep, a slouchy winter hat. Spring is almost here, but what the hell, I’m going for it.

I have found crochet to be a lot more forgiving than knitting when it comes to making a pattern, but I still am getting the hang of chaining and turning and where to start on the next row. The Craft Yarn Council has a great how-to page on reading a crochet pattern. I got all the abbreviations but the counting throws me off.

I already had to rip out one row and start over. 

But that’s the beauty of crochet, easy to rip out a row, easy to put it back on. I’m afraid I don’t have enough yarn for this patter though, so I’m trying to decide if I am just going to take some yarn I already have an add on to this one, or buy some more of this green to finish it.

I really like the green.

Any thoughts?

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Lazy Sunday

These two kids…

Could they be just a *little* cuter?

Nah…not possible.

Today, we nap.

(Like that’s different from most any other day)

Enjoy your day.

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Quote of the day

beware the stories

I’m thinking of going on a social media fast. Kind of like a food fast but only with social media. Give up FB, Twitter, even Instagram for a few weeks. I kind of feel like I’ll be missing out if I give it up, but I have lived some 40 years without it and survived, so…who cares?

I know that it is the thing to do now, to have some social media account in order to keep up to date on all the fast breaking news that is going on out there, in order to “grow your brand”, in order not to be left in the social media dust and get run over by the bus of new people that are famous for being famous, and nothing else, nothing of substance.

I guess that’s what’s missing, there is nothing of substance. Not that what I post is of prize worthy content. I write because I like to write, and I don’t post much because I want to post stuff that’s interesting and educational and entertaining, not just “look what I had for lunch today”.

Anyway, I’m getting away from what I meant to say, is that I have been overwhelmed by reading twitter. Social media will just suck. you. in. and won’t let go. You can waste a whole day reading that crap and it is not always good stuff. Twitter has turned into a venting ground and not always a very pleasant place to be. And I have let what I have read stick to me, which is not good. I need positivity, creativity, intellectual conversation and an education (you are never too old to learn).

I have stopped looking at social media once 6p hits, and I don’t look at my phone at all in bed. I read a book. Yep, a paper book.

good times ahead.

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Wordless Wednesday


Monday motivation

SOOOOO much thread

I won’t have to buy thread for a year now with all I have bought for myself, but moreover everything I have inherited from my mom, MIL, grandma-in-law, and friends. With all this thread, I was finding it difficult to keep track of what I have.

I’m not a plain white, black, gray, and beige thread color girl. I use threads that are complimentary or contrasting in my projects.

See all the teal, blue, and purple I have? Now I do too thanks to these handy jewelry organizers. My mom bought these for me awhile ago and while they are perfect and a great storage idea, I didn’t have a use for them until now!

I knew I would someday.

I put a bunch of that extra thread I have in each single pocket, two or more where I could, and even found space for this old rickrack.

So now I can see exactly what I have. So handy, right? I think my mom picked these up at the thrift store. Thrift stores are awesome.

Have a motivating day.

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Lazy Sunday


Today is an especially lazy day, since daylight savings time starts today. I just learned the other day that Florida may go to DST all. the. time. Kinda weird. I don’t know of any other state that is on DST the entire year; they are a few that are on standard time all year round.

In my younger years I didn’t subscribe to, nor did I pay much attention to, circadian rhythm. Now that I’m older, or more aware or whatever you want to call it, I am highly attuned to the circadian rhythm. Being up north now during the winter has kinda messed me up, because once it turns dark, I want to get in my pajamas and go to bed. I try to follow the sun cycle as much as possible and keep my sleep cycle pretty regular.

DST doesn’t mess me up so much but I’m waiting to see what happens this year. Here in Ohio, it doesn’t get dark in the summer until 930p, which, on the one hand is awesome, on the other is not so much. I mean, holy crap, it’s gonna be light out until 10p?! Really weird. (I don’t know how people in Alaska do it.) 

So this is us today. I hope everyone has a great a lazy Sunday as we are.

Enjoy your day.

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Quote of the day

fighting evil

photography · Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday