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Monday motivation 

This may seem more like a Quote of the day post, but I think it applies here.

Today was just one of those days when I needed a reminder:

I sometimes feel like I’ve missed out on something and now I’m too old (I’m almost 50!) for me to start now because I’m too old and time is short or it would be ridiculous for someone my age to do stuff, etc etc blah blah blah…
Then I think “that’s a bunch of crap” because (God willing) I have another 50 years on this planet to do stuff, and I will get to do everything I am supposed to do in this lifetime at the right time I am supposed to do it, and honestly, when have I ever thought that I couldn’t do something, either because of my age or gender? Never. 

So there, nyah.

Have a most excellent, productive, doing-stuff day! 


Lazy Sunday 

This happens to me often, I get something growing in the compost pile and I’m never quite sure what it is. I did throw some cantaloupe seeds in here a few weeks ago so I think that’s it. I suppose I’ll find out soon enough. Either way I’ll have some great compost here in another month or so. 

This is part of my lazy Sunday, along with naps, naps all around.

Enjoy your Sunday 


Thrift store yarn finds

I had to go back to the thrift store 

*had* to, yeah…

And I found all this yarn there! I could hardly believe it, this is good stuff and full skeins too! I also got the basket to hold my stash. 

So it was a pretty awesome day.

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Quote of the day

In honor of National Random Acts of Kindness day, I give you these:





Wordless Wednesday 


A fancy shot of my girl, Wolfie, in a bag.

She loves my shopping bags. (The reusable, canvas ones, of course)


Monday motivation 

At the Trash2Trends show earlier this month, there was a guy wearing a kilt made of ties, which gave me an idea (that I’ve had for awhile), of making myself a skirt made of ties. 

So after the very exciting, invigorating, and energizing sewing studio open house this past weekend, I went thrift store shopping for some supplies. I bought a few ties (a pink and grey theme), I bought some t-shirts (for yarn), and I found some colorful canvas belts to use as straps for some bags I make. 

I’m making a new pattern for a cross body bag and the belts are long enough for my pattern and the right complementary color.

So now I have all kinds of inspiration to keep me going. And Wolfie to help.

Have an inspiring day.

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Lazy Sunday 

Understandably, Wolfie is exhausted after all the thrift store shopping and t-shirt yarn making from yesterday. So we are taking a break and enjoying the nice weather and tending to the garden today. Lettuce and tomatoes are growing and the carrots need to be picked. 

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Sewing studio open house at the library 

this was awesome

So excited the library hosted this event today! Lots of people showed up and we had a good time making t-shirt yarn. We even finger knitted bracelets!

my fancy t-shirt yarn bracelet


So, of course, after I learned how to do that (so easy, BTW) I had to go out and get me some cheap t-shirts to try it at home.

And you know what happens after a person, who has cats, goes out shopping then sets the bags down before she can go through them, right?

Wolfie in a bag

Yep, that’s Wolfie making herself at home in one my bags of good stuff I bought at the thrift store. I didn’t have the heart to make her get out. She’s just so dern cute.




see how cute I am?

She’ll eventually leave, since being outside at night, or snuggling with me, is so much more exciting than sleeping in a bag all night.
Now I am off to make more t-shirt yarn!
Hope you had a fun Saturday!

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Quote of the day