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I have discovered that there seems to be a revolt against “acting your age” whatever that means. I thought by this time of my life I would be at a certain place, acting a certain way because, well, that’s what I was told (by society) that a woman of my age should be doing.

Screw that. I don’t know exactly what that means but I’m having a hell of a good time being just who I am right now. It’s actually pretty great.

My friend’s birthday is today, and she is older than me and acts just as crazy. Good for her!

Happy birthday friend!

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Tune Tuesday

going to see these guys in November. I haven’t ever yet, so I am stoked to go!

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Lazy Sunday 

The dogs don’t know what to make of it: mom home all day, taking a lot of naps; kind of out of the ordinary, even for a weekend. Thankfully my mom is here to help out. (I have learned another benefit to elastic waist pants – easy to pull on with one arm)

We’ve already binge watched Stranger Things (very good BTW), and my mom is looking for the next thing to watch. She likes sci-fi stuff, so we’ll see what we can agree upon. And we have a puzzle to do. Excitement abounds.

That’s ok, a good rest is needed sometimes.

Enjoy your day.


Quote of the day 

I’ve experienced broken bones and wire braces of the 80’s, but never pain quite like this.

I had a piece of bone removed from my (non-dominate) left hand that has been bothering me lately. Evidently, in my early twenties I broke a bone and just “walked it off”. Now some 25 years later it bothers me in chaturanga and riding my bike and mowing the grass and in most any activity that puts pressure around my left wrist. So I had that problem “fixed”. 

Sure hurts like hell though. 

Mom is here for help and company and we’ll do some one-armed crafts together. That should be a riot. 

Hope you are well.

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Tune Tuesday


Quote of the day 

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Wordless Wednesday 


Lazy Sunday on a Monday 

So glad to have a 3 day weekend, I’ll tell you what, even with all the rain. I went to yoga – every day – took puppies to the park – every day – worked on some sewing projects – every day  – and even napped (almost every day). 

I found some more fabric to make wristlet keychains, and even used old yoga mat for some:

I’m already thinking of Christmas gifts, can you believe it?

The weather has been nice the last couple days, what with the rain and all. We actually had a nice breeze this evening, it was lovely. It gives me hope that the weather will break soon and we’ll have more days like this. No more tropical storms, just cooler weather. 

And now back to regularly scheduled programming.