Saturday crochet

Yep, crocheting in public. I’ve been busy making washcloths (they are so pretty and easy to make, I even have a favorite pattern memorized) for myself, for friends, for gifts. It’s very meditative.

Sometimes I think people look at me weird for doing this, but hey, if people can talk loudly on their phones on a personal conversation and not think that is intrusive, I can crochet.

Hope you have a meditative day.


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Wordless Wednesday

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Lazy Sunday

It’s nice to have a relaxing day where one can sit with their thoughts and just be. Maybe a little meditation also. I don’t like always having to do things, or be somewhere, or just being busy because if not, it makes me look like I’m not a productive member of society. Which isn’t true.

I once had a coworker tell me that I wasn’t busy because my desk was always clean and neat. Which meant to her (since her desk looked like a hoarding situation) that I was lazy and unproductive, because I didn’t have papers everywhere. Which wasn’t true.

But for today, I (we) are lazy. And that’s ok too.

Hope you have a lazy and productive day.

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Lazy Sunday

Isn’t this just pitiful? Grandpa just loves these puppies, and they love him, it is so cute.

So today is a movie watching/intermittent napping day. Have you ever watched ‘Arrival’? It’s a fantastic sci-fi film. It’s not a very fast paced movie, and you need to pay attention as there are a lot of fast forwards. A fabulous movie on language, communication, and understanding.

And now we nap.

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I like copper

Copper is such a pretty metal, and it is so soft, malleable, and easy to work with. It also makes some pretty amazing colors when it’s being heated. I have a lot of fun when I’m working with it; adding silver, stones, beads and then putting it through the tumbler to see how bright and pretty it turns out…it’s a good day.

Copper is also said to have some metaphysical and healing properties to it. There’s not scientific evidence to back this up, but some people swear by it. One thing I find interesting, is that copper is an excellent conductor of electricity. There are scientific studies that show that the human body conducts its own type of electrical charges to move cells through the body. So it makes me wonder, if the human body carries its own electrical charge, and copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, maybe wearing a copper bracelet actually can help with circulation? Just a thought.

Although I’d be careful putting on too much copper, I wouldn’t want to spontaneously combust.

Be careful out there.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Meditative work

I got my latest yarn of the month selection today in the mail (see that pretty ball of yarn in the photo next to my lovely girl Anna?) and was sitting on the couch winding it into a ball when it struck me how meditative that activity is. I supposed I could get me one of them fancy ball winders which would probably save a lot of time and aggravation, but I actually like taking the time to wind the yarn myself. To feel the softness of the yarn, and the texture as I’m winding it; to watch the yarn go from a very small bit of thread to a softball size of eclectic colors I can (softly) hurl at my husband’s head to get his attention; and the excitement and anticipation of what new project I’m going to make out of this fascinating little bit of material and how fabulous it’s going to look when it’s finished, and how accomplished I will feel once it’s done.

I’d like to think my life is immensely exciting and interesting and really it’s not. And that’s ok. I am perfectly happy and content winding yarn with puppies by my side nearly every day.

If only everyone was so lucky.

Have a meditative day.