New Superhero Name

This year has been shit for me. I had back surgery in late January. My relationship with my mother took a shit *during* the week of my recovery from back surgery. Our relationship is now strained and not likely to recover. (I have accepted that.) I had Duke put to sleep in February. My BIL… Continue reading New Superhero Name


Lazy Sunday

Sleepy Dukeit has been a quiet and somber weekend; we decided to euthanize Duke yesterday. He was so old, 18 years, had trouble walking, and we often had to check to make sure he was breathing. He was down to 21 pounds. He loved being in the grass He had a really good, long, life.

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Wordless Wednesday


Monday Motivation

been doing a lot of pausing lately, and the puppies are enjoying the ride with me. I'm kind of enjoying not doing anything.

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Day 2 – post op

I don't feel much pain, thankfully, and I have no pain at all in my right leg, and for that I am very grateful. My back muscles, around the incision, are VERY tight, so moving around is a challenge. I have to act like I have a back brace on so that I don't twist… Continue reading Day 2 – post op

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Quote of the day

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Ahhh, rejection my old friend

what is all this? So surgery was cancelled yesterday - by the Dr. - due to complications during the surgery that was just before mine. So I got to go home looking like some high risk patient had escaped. Surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, which, being in the afternoon again, I am hoping… Continue reading Ahhh, rejection my old friend


Monday motivation

I have been looking at this a lot lately, especially since surgery is Wednesday. I have a tendency to fantasize and worry about things that may or may not happen, either as a part of anxiety or as a way to prepare myself for what may or may not happen. I realize my fantasizing and… Continue reading Monday motivation

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Lazy Sunday

Can these guys get anymore relaxed? So I woke up the other day and found this. You can see my right pant leg, the pink with the light pattern in it, along with my foot in the purple sock peeking out from under the blanket. Anna is right by my foot, Toby has wedged himself… Continue reading Lazy Sunday

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Here we go…

So I have surgery scheduled for next Wednesday, I am glad to get it done, but a little nervous about the whole procedure. It's one thing if it's a broken arm or leg, but this is my spine we're talking about here, a very serious and delicate area. I gotta be honest, I am looking… Continue reading Here we go…