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Lazy Sunday 

Wolfie always finds a way to be right on top of what I’m working on. I almost had her buried under some material but when I went to get my phone for a photo, she moved. And it was the cutest photo too, you could just see her ears. 

The summer storms have started with some force and regularity, with big thunder and lighting and a small creek running down my street. Lola is afraid of these storms so she tries to hide under or behind me. She’s so soft and cute I don’t mind. Duke can’t hear much and Anna is ambivalent. The cats whine to come inside and then make themselves comfortable on my bed. At least they all have a safe place to be, and I’m happy to be able to provide that. 

Besides sewing I’m learning some new crochet skills! We’ve started a crochet-along at the library making a market bag. I’ve got 2 weeks to get the bulk of it done. It’s not difficult, just repetitive, which works for me because then I can remember what I’ve done. I need that muscle memory. 

What have you been working on? Anything new?

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Lazy Sunday


How are the dogs awake and the people are asleep?

I took a much needed almost 4 hour nap yesterday,

Is it still a ‘nap’ when it’s 4 hours?

and I napped again today. Maybe I am getting to that part of my life where naps are more and more common, you know, like when you get “old”. Although why we stopped napping once we got out of kindergarten I’ll never know. There are more and more studies out there that confirm that napping is good for you, mentally and physically; and there are still many places in Europe that encourage napping during the week. Most animals of the world nap, or just sleep very long hours (like my cats). If only life were that simple, huh?

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday

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Lazy Sunday 

So here’s what I did on my lazy Sunday:

  • Took puppies to the dog park 
  • Sanded and spray painted plant stand to take into work 
  • Spray painted water buckets (you know, to make them look fancy)
  • Mowed back yard
  • Vacuumed out car (way too much sand and dog hair)
  • Cleaned interior car windows
  • Took car for car wash
  • Vacuumed house
  • Mopped said floors
  • Did laundry
  • Knitting (of course)

I had a friend over for dinner and now it’s an early evening, with some more knitting, and Wolfie by my side.

Enjoy your Sunday 

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Lazy Sunday 

Whenever I say ‘Lazy Sunday’ I mean that in a restful, take a break, it’s a day of rest kind of thing. Not like, always be lazy. Lazy can be a negative term, but that’s not all it means (like with so many other words in the English language). have even been called lazy by some, even though that is not something that most people would call me. I have always been an active person, physically and mentally, but there are just some things that I am not inclined to do:

  • wash my car
  • sweep the leaves off my front stoop (that end up there every day)
  • clean a boat/jetski/hot tub/pool (I have none of those things on purpose and I can’t afford someone else to clean them)

I don’t consider myself to be lazy because I don’t do these things, these are just not high on my priority list. It’s more ecological to go to a car wash than to do it yourself; the leaves keep coming back every day to my front stoop, and they will blow away with the next storm, so why should I sweep them; and I don’t have a boat/jetski/hot tub/pool because I don’t find them to be necessities and as much as I would like to have them, I’m not inclined to take care of them and I can’t afford someone else to do it for me, so why have them? Does that make sense?

I guess I’d much rather spend time in my garden, with my pets, or napping. Or making and creating and being crafty and learning.

Maybe it’s an ‘with age comes wisdom’ thing, or maybe it’s a midlife crisis thing, or maybe I’m just getting old and cranky and I don’t want to do much anymore, but whatever it is, I like not having so much to do and not giving a damn about being called lazy.

Have a lazy Sunday, whatever that means to you.

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Lazy Sunday 

If only I could be napping like this today. Nate and I cleaned closets, painted interior doors, installed new hardware on the doors, installed new curtains and patched holes in walls.

Where pictures hung, not where there was once a fist.

So now, finally, we rest. Fully showered and fed, my feet thank me. And puppies keep me company.
Such a nice way to end a productive day.

Enjoy your evening.

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Lazy Sunday 

She has it rough.

If only all living beings were this lucky.

Have a wonderful, restful day.

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Lazy Sunday 

Understandably, Wolfie is exhausted after all the thrift store shopping and t-shirt yarn making from yesterday. So we are taking a break and enjoying the nice weather and tending to the garden today. Lettuce and tomatoes are growing and the carrots need to be picked. 

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Lazy Sunday 

It is a perfectly cold and rainy and crappy day here in the sunshine state (yes, really it is). We get these from time to time and I am not ashamed to say that I welcome them. 

What!? You say? A break from the sunshine and warmth? Yes, I say that. And I say that because there is a reason for a break in the weather, there is a reason that animals go into hibernation once a year: it’s to give themselves a break, have a little down time to rest. All this constant hurry-hurry-hurry-let’s-do-this gets tiring after awhile. 

Now, mind you, my dogs aren’t terribly happy about it today, but they will survive. I’ll take a sewing break later today and take them to the park. Hopefully it won’t be as cold around noon.

The kittens know enough to stay in when it’s raining, and during the day they are sleeping inside anyway. 

I’m making some progress on my Trash2Trends piece: 

Yesterday I added sleeves! 

I’m trying not to cut I to too many pieces as they are just so beautiful. This has been challenging to say the least. Next week is the show, so come he’ll or high water it will have to be finished. I used to get really stressed about this stuff, but I’ve learned to let it go. It will get done and everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to. No worries. 

Have a beautiful Sunday.

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Lazy Sunday

We are fairly exhausted after moving and cleaning and yard work yesterday. There’s lots to be done with the upkeep of a house, amirite? Now I understand why when people get older they move into smaller condos. Much easier to maintain.

We are finishing up a few things today while the weather is fairly nice. It hasn’t been too hot so working outside has been tolerable. And with Groove Salad playing it makes it even better.

Enjoy your day.

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Happy new year!

Let’s hope 2017 sucks a lot less than 2016

And in the spirit of making life less sucky, what goals have you set for this year?

What has inspired you? What do you really really want to do? Or want to finish? 

Have you thought of trying something new? Relearning something old?

Me, I’ve decided to purge and organize my crafty room. With too many things lying around I get overwhelmed by where to start and what to do, so whatever I’m not working on right now, gets shelved in the closet until I’m ready to work on it. 

Now, needless to say, like most crafty people, I’m usually working on 2 or 3 projects at one time, so that will be my limit. Not 7 or 8 like it has been in the past. 

See? This is the organization I need to work on that I was talking about. If only the cat would move…

For today, we’re trying an easy bread recipe in some new cookware we bought (on sale of course!) 

Here’s to a productive and exciting new year!