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Monday motivation

The skirt for my Trash2Trends project. I have to sew all the pieces together, but other than that, it is done! The bodice is also finished, and if you noticed, I made a choker from some tubing to fancy the whole thing up. Have you ever tried to iron plastic? Kinda tricky, but so far, I haven’t melted anything, and cross my fingers, that won’t happen.

It’s been nice having my own crafty room downstairs with extra tables and room to work. It’s like my own workshop, it’s so nice to have the tools I need right there and available and where I can find them when I need them. Guys can have a wood shop, I can have a sewing shop. Hey….I like that name, The Sewing Shop. You heard it here first, don’t steal my idea.

Now I need to do an internet search to see if someone already has that name. Well, there’s one in Louisiana, Milford, Ohio, and Canterbury. No worries, I’ll make it work.

Anyway, putting the final touches on this week to get ready for next week’s show. If you are in the area, come see all the cool designs! You’ll be amazed at what people do with paper, and plastic bags, and rubber, and cardboard, and cd’s, and medical supplies….

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Lazy Sunday

A little bit of work on my Trash2Trends project today. I’m sewing together some masks to make the bodice and it’s coming together quite nicely. This material is so easy to work with and pretty forgiving. I figure just a little bit every day and it’ll get done. I should have this done this week, then I need to finish the skirt. There are so many wrinkles in the skirt material and I’m trying to figure out a good way to remove them. I have a hand held steamer so I’m going to try that. I tried putting the skirt material in the dryer and setting it to ‘touch up’, which did seem to work, but left the material a little used looking. Not a good look.

A high of 36F tomorrow! Almost a heat wave after this past week, and it’s projected to be a high of 54F on Thursday! That’s t-shirt and short weather!

Enjoy your day.

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Monday motivation 

Pinning and sewing swatches for my Trash2Trends project

All in all a productive weekend: making progress on my Trash2Trends piece, worked in the garden, made some soup, started on goods for our office Christmas party this week, and had a FAB – O day thrifting with a friend of mine. We walked, we talked, we gnoshed, it was great.

I’m putting more into practice my Just One Thing, action of the day. I sat down to sew a few pieces together and before I knew it, I had them all sewn together.

I’m doing the same thing for our office holiday party. I volunteered to make a German chocolate cake. I kept bragging about how my grandmother used to make the best German chocolate cake so I said I’d do it. Little do I know how time and labor intensive this thing is. Now I’m nearly terrified to try it for fear it will taste horrible and I’ll look like an idiot.

But I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to do Just One Thing (borrow cake pans from my neighbor) today, something else tomorrow (buy ingredients I don’t have yet), and bake it Thursday evening.

I’ll consider this doing one thing a day that scares me.

Regardless, I’ll do it and it will be either a smashing success or a spectacular failure.  Either way, lessons learned and a feeling of accomplishment, for both the cake and my fashion show project.

Enjoy your day.

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Trash2Trends 2017 tickets now available


Hey everyone! Exciting news! Tickets are now available for the Trash2Trends 2017 show! Make sure you go to this link to get your tickets, and hurry! Last year the show was sold out!

I am so excited and honored to be a part of this show again and can’t wait to see what everyone has designed. Come for the food, drinks, to see me, to be awed and amazed by the beautiful clothes and talented designers that make some amazing things out of trash. Come for an education on what can be done if we all recycled.

I hope to see you there!

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When I went looking for the new site for Se7enBites the other day, I came across a whole new set of graffiti art. I really like this one, it’s kind of zen like and reminds me of a mandala. I wish it wasn’t covered by so many weeds though.

Nevertheless, it has been so nice out lately! FINALLY! we have had a break in the weather! It’s been in the 60’s at night, and was in the 70’s here during the day. I went to yoga this morning and when I left, my clothes weren’t sticking to me. It was awesome. It’s the little things, right?

I am glad for the change in weather as it has helped me with another change: menopause. It’s not officially official (as I don’t have my blood test results back yet, but…) but I can tell something strange is going on. The biggest change, and the most difficult for me, is my hair. Not only is it getting grayer, it is becoming more wiry and not as manageable. It’s like it has taken on a life of its own. It doesn’t flow the same and it’s starting to, like, style itself; you know what I mean? It’s starting to fall a different way and part itself a different way and do all these weird things it never did before. And my mother is no help as she had a hysterectomy in her mid 30’s so she can’t tell me anything about her issues. So I’m flying blind here and feeling like I am going crazy. Sometimes I feel hungry but then I don’t but then when I go to eat it’s like I’ve been starved for days. (I really look ridiculous eating so fast.) Then my body decides that it’s had enough sleep at 3 am and then my brain says ‘no’ but the body says ‘good luck getting back to sleep lady. maybe in 2 hours’ then that makes me tired during the day and round about 1p all I want to do is nap for hours.

I’d really like to be more productive, I have a show to prepare for.


I can’t even eat fruit right out of the fridge my teeth hurt. I have to let things get to room temperature before I eat or drink stuff. My contacts don’t like my eyes anymore so I can’t focus properly and my eyes get tired fast. And my skin is SO DRY I have taken to using olive oil on my face for moisturizer.

Don’t laugh, it works. Otherwise, I am constantly plying my face with lotion you’d think I was spackling a hole in drywall. Which, it almost feels like I am.

My friend and dog sitter, Roberta (r). We have been commiserating on our ‘physical conditions’ as of late.

This has all been so much easier on the dogs than it has been on me or for my husband. He just doesn’t get it, and I don’t know that any man will. I’m not being sexist, it just is what it is. A little patience, compassion, and understanding would really help though, and maybe they could hide in their man-cave until this is all over? Maybe I should have my own woman-cave (or just stay in my crafty room and get me a futon in there) until this passes. Of course, cats and puppies will always be welcome, but anyone else may want to stay away. I have become so irritable at the stupidest things that some days I don’t even like being around myself.

A small consolation is that all these changes have come on pretty fast, so I am hoping that means that menopause will come through like a tidal wave, gather up all this crap, and take it back out with it out to sea as quickly as it came in.

One can only hope.

Here’s to a less irritating day, for us all.

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Monday motivation 

So after a very busy day last Saturday, I’ve been inspired and busy and made a bunch of yoga mat earrings. An easy and relaxing thing to do after such a busy day.

Even though I didn’t win, I still had an awesome time at the Trash2trends show last week. To be around such creative energy was inspiring and exciting.

I think I’m really going to have to step up my game for next year. So many designs were so detailed and intricate and fancy; I am not fancy. I wish I were, but I’m not. I could be, but it would require a certain rewiring of my brain and thinking that may cause the same type of headache I got while writing APA style papers for a neurology class I took for my undergrad degree.

I hated, and loved, that class at the same time with the same degree of emotion. I wouldn’t take it back for a second.

I am a more practical, functional person, although I do like things to be aesthetically pleasing; I don’t want everything to be sterile gray metal or plain black and white. Now, though, I have a year to think about it.

I need to get started now.

Hope you can make it next year!

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Rest and regroup

After the whirlwind that was last weekend, I am enjoying being outside in our warmer weather and working in the yard. The niece and nephew are over collecting volunteer hours by helping me landscape. With just 2 extra set of hands I have gotten SO much done and the yard is looking really good! Yay! very happy for me.

I’m still finding photos and links to the Trash2Trends show last weekend. It was such an amazing event; so much talent in one room was so inspiring! And we had such press there this year! I remember someone taking these photos of us backstage. In the one on the left, (above) I had to make a HUGE adjustment to the top for Theresa. The velcro I sewed on wasn’t quite in the right place, and I didn’t figure in how much a yoga mat would stretch, so I had to take it in a LOT and sew her into place. She couldn’t have gotten out of it if she tried. While I’m sewing I can see someone wandering around with a large camera in hand. I see them turn our way and I mumble to her “are they taking a picture of us?” “yes” she says. ok, cool, at least I know they won’t find any lipstick on my teeth in this one.

The photo on the right is when we were waiting backstage in show order. I was with her about 90% of the time. She had never done this before and wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so we stuck together. It was so great and we had such a good time together. We had a little down time, so we did some stretching. Good for the body and good to relax.

I hope you enjoy all the photos, have a restful day.

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Yoga mat earrings 

Over the weekend I made some earrings out of pieces of yoga mat for my Trash2Trends project. Here I’ll show you what I did to make them.  I used all this stuff you see below:

yoga mat earrings tute

Before I did anything, I cut some small slivers of yoga mat with my rotary cutter, and I punched one small hole in each piece of mat with small hole puncher thingy so I could loop the yoga mat pieces through the jump rings. It’s also preferable to use flat nose pliers, and pliers that do not have grooves in them, when working with metal. Flat nose pliers give you more security in holding the jump rings and smooth pliers will keep from leaving marks on your metal.

So to make the earrings, first I took a small jump ring and looped it onto the bottom of the ear wire, then closed that jump ring:

Then I took a larger jump ring and added 2 smaller pieces of yoga mat:

I looped that onto the small jump ring that’s attached to the ear wire and closed that jump ring:

Next I looped a longer piece of yoga mat onto a large jump ring…

…and attached that to the jump ring with the 2 smaller pieces of yoga mat. Here I made sure to attach this jump ring so that it fell in-between the other 2 smaller pieces of yoga mat:

and VOILA! yoga mat earrings!

These are very light and swingy, really fun. The only thing I noticed is that they are so lightweight that if I’m not paying attention, I almost lost one in the backyard. (I always test drive what I make). The longer piece of yoga mat kept hitting my neck which, evidently, pushed the earring up and out of my earlobe, so I would recommend adding some of those plastic ear wire backs to keep these on securely.

I do not have a good picture of these on a person and how they look, just yet, so bear with me. I’ll get one soon, I promise. Besides, the show is this weekend, I’ll have SOOOOO many pictures to show you soon enough.


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Monday Motivation


Over the weekend I was cutting out pieces for my yoga mat dress for the Trash2trends show next weekend. The mats didn’t always lay so flat, so guess what I used to hold them down?

See? Who said I don’t work out? I had to lift those weights many times yesterday. My arms even ache a little bit.

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Lazy Sunday


I’ll be doing a lot of this today – sewing and preparing and cleaning and organizing today as I get ready for the Trash2Trends show in 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it. I am so excited for the show! I can’t wait to see what everyone else has designed.

Puppies will be doing lots of this:


As we woke up to 35F/1C this morning. We are not used to it being so cold. Thankfull;y we have heat in the house and warm blankets, and each other, right?

Stay warm, where ever you are.