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Lazy Sunday

It’s nice to have a relaxing day where one can sit with their thoughts and just be. Maybe a little meditation also. I don’t like always having to do things, or be somewhere, or just being busy because if not, it makes me look like I’m not a productive member of society. Which isn’t true.

I once had a coworker tell me that I wasn’t busy because my desk was always clean and neat. Which meant to her (since her desk looked like a hoarding situation) that I was lazy and unproductive, because I didn’t have papers everywhere. Which wasn’t true.

But for today, I (we) are lazy. And that’s ok too.

Hope you have a lazy and productive day.

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Lazy Sunday

Isn’t this just pitiful? Grandpa just loves these puppies, and they love him, it is so cute.

So today is a movie watching/intermittent napping day. Have you ever watched ‘Arrival’? It’s a fantastic sci-fi film. It’s not a very fast paced movie, and you need to pay attention as there are a lot of fast forwards. A fabulous movie on language, communication, and understanding.

And now we nap.

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raincoat final Today is the day for wearing this.

It is rainy and cold and ugly today.
It’s actually a great day for a nap.

The puppies already have a head start on me on that, of course, but they are so darn cute!

I *may* be starting a new job soon, so I need to get a few things done before I start work. Although, isn’t there always something to be done at any given time? So my trying to get something done before I start a new job is almost…not self-defeating, not an effort in futility, not useless….I just can’t think of the word. Anyway, I’m sure you understand.

I will be taking part in a local flea market in about a month. I figure I have stuff to get rid of and this would be a good opportunity. I would also like to try and sell some of the many earrings/bags/etc that I have made over the years too. THAT’S what I needed to do today! Get together all my wares to sell in one place so I have it ready for the flea market next month. You know, I am so happy to have a basement now to put all this stuff. It’s all in one area, out of the way, organized, no one else will touch it to get all discombobulated,(and yes, that is a word), it’s a beautiful thing.

So today may just be a movie watching day, relaxing with puppies. It’s tough living here.

I hope you have a relaxing day.


Lazy Sunday · photography · puppies

Lazy Sunday

These two kids…

Could they be just a *little* cuter?

Nah…not possible.

Today, we nap.

(Like that’s different from most any other day)

Enjoy your day.

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Lazy Sunday

Well, we planned on going to a fishing show in Columbus today, but we got up early and realized the roads were just ice so we said “to hell with this” and came home. We had some beautiful soft snow earlier this week, then it started misting rain today and made everything turn to ice. The snow in people’s yards was just a white sheet of ice, it was weird. I haven’t experienced something like this in 30 years. Kinda different.

So then of course, the only other logical thing to do, was nap. Puppies make for a very soft and warm blanket. They make you sleepy. Not fair.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

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Lazy Sunday

Anna just loves to look out the window. She guards the house from her perch.

The weather has warmed – 40F – so the snow is melting, which makes it easier for her to run around outside. The ice makes it challenging, since she’s missing that front leg, so she ends up sitting most of the time and watching the birds and the world go by. She’s so content just doing that. Wouldn’t that be nice if we all could be just content watching the birds and the world go by?

Have a good night.

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Monday Motivation – New Years day edition

Did you know it was also a full moon today? Kind of auspicious, I think, a new year and a full moon?

So I lit up some sage and cleansed the house, along with my thoughts. I made note of what I need to do, to start doing, and what I need to stop doing. Then I found this list:29523c975e75c49a11365f3e9c642c9a

These are all good ideas, ones I think we all could do a little more.

My biggest goal for this year is living in a tidy space. I have lots of hobbies and projects and things I like to do, but I am trying to narrow down the stuff I’m really going to end up doing, and not just accumulate stuff that I think I may do someday. The Minimalists are inspiring to me and they have a really good new years day podcast that I listened to today.

So besides hanging out with the puppies all day, and going outside once since you know it’s so freaking cold, that is the whole of my day. Which wasn’t bad to tell you the truth.

So what about you? Do you have any particular goals for this year? Did you stay in your pajamas all day?

(I don’t know the creator of this list, so if anyone does, please let me know so I can give proper credit.)

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Lazy Sunday

Ahhhh….the house is back to normal. The dishes are washed and put away, the leftovers are all but eaten, the visiting family has left, and the kittens and puppies can roam the house free from too many feet and too much excess noise.

And now we nap. And work on some knitting.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday.

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Lazy Sunday

Well, there could be squirrel anywhere mom, we have to be diligent about protecting our yard.

This is what we do most afternoons. Sit outside and look for squirrel.

If only all of our lives, human and animal, we’re so easy and simple. It is possible, with just a little effort. Some may see it as laziness, I see it as living well.

Isn’t that what we all long for?

Live well today.

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Lazy Sunday

Windy, chilly and rainy today so it’s a very lazy day. Lots of napping, watching American Pickers, and working on crafty stuff. I bought some extra large t-shirts at the local goodwill (half off of course) to make into t-shirt yarn so I can get me started on those crochet baskets I keep talking about. I’m so stoked that my crafty room is finally coming together! I’ve got my cutting desk, my sewing table, my sewing machine…now I just need to find my sewing machine foot pedal.

I know it’s here somewhere…

While I look for that, you have a restful day.