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Ahhh, rejection my old friend

what is all this?

So surgery was cancelled yesterday – by the Dr. – due to complications during the surgery that was just before mine. So I got to go home looking like some high risk patient had escaped.

Surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon, which, being in the afternoon again, I am hoping for no other delays. I am not thrilled about being readmitted and having yet another IV put into my wrist. IV’s and needles are traumatic to me. The nurse asked why when I have tattoos. I said, yes, I understand, that makes no sense, but it’s how I feel. With tattoos the needles do not go into a vein and into your body, and tattoos hurt too, but psychologically, it’s just not the same to me.

It’s all mental, I get it, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less weird or traumatic for me. So I am drinking an ungodly amount of water today so that they don’t have trouble finding my veins tomorrow.

I brought some crocheting with me yesterday and I didn’t even get to do it because I ended up in so much pain that the pain was distracting that I couldn’t hardly focus on anything else. I hate that.

Nap time with puppies now.

Enjoy your day.

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Here we go…

So I have surgery scheduled for next Wednesday,

I am glad to get it done, but a little nervous about the whole procedure. It’s one thing if it’s a broken arm or leg, but this is my spine we’re talking about here, a very serious and delicate area.

I gotta be honest, I am looking forward to lots of sleepy time. It’s the perfect time of year for it while it’s cold out. We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow this weekend along with snow on Wednesday. I am hoping this doesn’t impede my going home after surgery, or my mom coming to stay during part of my recovery.

I also have lots of crochet and/or knitting to catch up on. And sleeping. And healing. And puppy napping. And watching the birds in the front window.

Wish me luck.

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Quote of the day

There were light snow flurries this morning and it’s still a little overcast, so besides the above, all I need now is some soup and a comfy blanket.

Hope you have a fantastic day too.

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Meditative work

I got my latest yarn of the month selection today in the mail (see that pretty ball of yarn in the photo next to my lovely girl Anna?) and was sitting on the couch winding it into a ball when it struck me how meditative that activity is. I supposed I could get me one of them fancy ball winders which would probably save a lot of time and aggravation, but I actually like taking the time to wind the yarn myself. To feel the softness of the yarn, and the texture as I’m winding it; to watch the yarn go from a very small bit of thread to a softball size of eclectic colors I can (softly) hurl at my husband’s head to get his attention; and the excitement and anticipation of what new project I’m going to make out of this fascinating little bit of material and how fabulous it’s going to look when it’s finished, and how accomplished I will feel once it’s done.

I’d like to think my life is immensely exciting and interesting and really it’s not. And that’s ok. I am perfectly happy and content winding yarn with puppies by my side nearly every day.

If only everyone was so lucky.

Have a meditative day.

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Monday motivation

I love this big, fat, soft, chunky yarn in this green and I have been chomping at the bit to make something awesome out of it and have decided to try my hand at a hat. Yep, a slouchy winter hat. Spring is almost here, but what the hell, I’m going for it.

I have found crochet to be a lot more forgiving than knitting when it comes to making a pattern, but I still am getting the hang of chaining and turning and where to start on the next row. The Craft Yarn Council has a great how-to page on reading a crochet pattern. I got all the abbreviations but the counting throws me off.

I already had to rip out one row and start over. 

But that’s the beauty of crochet, easy to rip out a row, easy to put it back on. I’m afraid I don’t have enough yarn for this patter though, so I’m trying to decide if I am just going to take some yarn I already have an add on to this one, or buy some more of this green to finish it.

I really like the green.

Any thoughts?

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catching up


graffiti @wallsofphohoa

Thankfully it is sunny here today, but the weather outside is still very frightful as it’s 28F/-2C. I am amazed at how my dogs don’t seem to mind the cold, they just run around like crazy hyped up kids on sugar, checking out every tree for squirrel, sniffing the grass for whomever might have been there last, and letting the wind run through their hair like a shampoo commercial. It’s crazy. I tell them that I don’t have fur so it takes me a minute to get ready to go outside (the coat, hat, gloves, boots, scarf, etc), they don’t seem to understand, or care, so they are restless. (plus they don’t speak English)


So I am *almost* done with the right side of this Vee Excellent wrap.

I know. It’s only been 4 months since I started and the original test knit asked me to be done in 2 weeks. I am not good at knitting fast, and I have to wonder how these other women did it with families and kids and the house and other obligations. They must be super fast amazing wonder women knitters. Props to them. I’ll get there someday.


I have finished 2 simple skinny scarves (right), and am working on another one using the yarn on the left. The mandala colors look beautiful, but the way they made this particular acrylic yarn is too plastic-y for me, I don’t like the feel of it. I’ll finish it as it’s a present for my sister, but I won’t buy it again.

I think I am sensitive to certain fabrics; if they don’t feel right on my skin I won’t wear them. I realize I’m HSP so this is not terribly surprising. It kind of limits my fashion choices though and people see me as being very picky, at least I know this about myself and I’m ok with it.

I learned how to make a mala yesterday so now I am all excited and stoked to make some more. I have a bunch of beads that I don’t know what to do with them and this will be a good gift. The holidays are coming you know.

Hope you are well.

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Lazy Sunday

Windy, chilly and rainy today so it’s a very lazy day. Lots of napping, watching American Pickers, and working on crafty stuff. I bought some extra large t-shirts at the local goodwill (half off of course) to make into t-shirt yarn so I can get me started on those crochet baskets I keep talking about. I’m so stoked that my crafty room is finally coming together! I’ve got my cutting desk, my sewing table, my sewing machine…now I just need to find my sewing machine foot pedal.

I know it’s here somewhere…

While I look for that, you have a restful day.

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Quote(s) of the day


I have actually done this. My husband laughs too.


That’s kinda what I’m thinking. When the big one drops, you gotta have some kinda skills, I figure this is as good as anything.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Lazy Sunday

Lola loves to jump around in the water, and she has started taking Toby's ball from him in a game of keep away. Then she decides to take the ball into the water, which isn't a good idea since she can't pick up the ball in the water, she only makes it sink more or she pushes it farther out in the water where I can't get it so then I have to send Toby out in the water to get the ball.

These are chuck-it balls, which aren't cheap, so I want the damn things back.

Look at her dirty face! This is what she's really like:

Don't let that cute little face fool you, she can be a terror.

Lounging around today, working on my knitting project, which, unfortunately, I know I'm not going to complete in time. That bugs me. I have been trying so hard for so long to finish what I start (and in a timely manner) that this is a step back. At least I tried, right?

Hey, has anyone seen these or tried them?

These are gorgeous and I would love to get one but they are SOOOOO very expensive I don't want to have serious buyers remorse. Does anyone have any feedback on these? I'd love to hear it.

I hope your day is restful.
Enjoy your day.