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Lazy Sunday


How are the dogs awake and the people are asleep?

I took a much needed almost 4 hour nap yesterday,

Is it still a ‘nap’ when it’s 4 hours?

and I napped again today. Maybe I am getting to that part of my life where naps are more and more common, you know, like when you get “old”. Although why we stopped napping once we got out of kindergarten I’ll never know. There are more and more studies out there that confirm that napping is good for you, mentally and physically; and there are still many places in Europe that encourage napping during the week. Most animals of the world nap, or just sleep very long hours (like my cats). If only life were that simple, huh?

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday

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Quote of the day 


Wordless Wednesday 


Monday motivation 

So I finished this one, except for a little gap at the bottom left, and it was looking pretty and then Wolfie went to lay on it and she wouldn’t let go and now there are some stray yarn strands sticking out of it. Dern cat. 

I have to stop making comfy things for them to lay on, they just won’t let me have the things back.

Speaking of comfy things, this is Wolfie napping with me today. I had to make some room for her on the couch. She’s so soft and she’s always purring, she’s a good nap partner. It was a perfect day for doing absolutely nothing, which I thoroughly enjoyed BTW. I hope you got to do the same.

Enjoy your day.


Lazy Sunday

Taking a relaxing day today, being Sunday, and the day before a holiday and all. We did go to the park this morning before it got really hot, and it’s expected to be really hot again tomorrow (why should that surprise me? It’s summertime in Floriduh). A friend of mine was going to drop by and invited me, and puppies, along to the dog park around 5p, but even then it’s still too hot to go outside. I’ve already heard some fireworks (which is not a good idea since it’s so dry here we have hundred acre brushfires) and I hope they don’t continue until late at night. Puppies don’t like it and we have a retired combat veteran in the neighborhood, he probably doesn’t like it either.

Remember this project? Well I have finished about 5 of these so far, and every time they turn out better and better. It’s an easy pattern to memorize, and each time I make a new one, I am getting better at recognizing what stitches I have just knitted, so I don’t need to tink what I’ve already done, saving some time.


I’m starting some crochet classes this week, so this should be interesting. I have some t-shirt yarn projects I want to start and I’ll need to learn to crochet to do them. Knitting with t-shirt yarn is a bitch, t-shirt yarn just doesn’t give like regular yarn.


Quote of the day 

I’ve been having such a good time knitting that’s it’s all I can think about, which is kind of crazy. It’s been a great stress reliever and distraction for me, and I make stuff! Which is totally awesome. 

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Monday motivation 

making some drawstring bags

I had such a fun time making these drawstring bags on Saturday that on Sunday I had to make a few more. These were so easy, took less than half an hour each to make, and I had all kinds of t-shirt yarn to make the strings, that I just couldn’t help myself! It was craziness I tell you it’s like another obsession.

Honestly, when I learn a new skill, I need to do it over and over again as soon as I learn it so that way I can remember what I did and can repeat it, successfully. I’m very much a visual and hands on learner, so getting my hands on material/paper/pencil/dirt/copper wire/yarn and doing the task over and over again ensures that I’ll remember what I just did.

That’s probably why I didn’t do so well in math in grade school, is because as soon as I got out of class, I would forget what I just learned and I didn’t have spare time right after class to go over what I did, so by the time I was home I was totally clueless, and my parents tried, but they weren’t any good at math either. It helps that I like sewing and being crafty, that makes doing this over and over again so much fun.

The other week I learned how to *properly* make a zippered pouch, so now this is going to be another obsession for next weekend. I’m just so happy, and grateful, that the library offers these classes. I’m such a library geek, but I don’t care. I’m flying my geek flag high and proud!


Spring fiber fling 

I had a great time at the Spring Fiber Fling yesterday at the downtown library. I made a really cool draw string pouch out of this awesome material, I knitted with giant needles, bought some gorgeous yarn (like I need more) and entered a few raffles (I hope to win more fabulous yarn!) 

This drawstring pouch is so easy, I made 8 more today. And I used t-shirt yarn for the strings, how awesome is that?

I hope you had just as exciting a weekend.

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Quote of the day


Yeah, kinda how I feel about knitting now. I mean, I still love yoga, no doubt about it, but knitting has become an obsession of mine and it’s like I want to just stay home and knit all the time and when I get tired of knitting then I’ll go to yoga class. So just knit and yoga; and dogs and dog park. Knit and yoga and dogs and dog park. Yep, that’s it, that’s my life and I am perfectly happy and content with it.