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Lazy Sunday

Can these guys get anymore relaxed?

So I woke up the other day and found this.

You can see my right pant leg, the pink with the light pattern in it, along with my foot in the purple sock peeking out from under the blanket.

Anna is right by my foot, Toby has wedged himself between my knees with his head up near my left hip, and Lola has squeezed herself on my right side near my elbow.

I just think this cuddle puddle is so cute and funny and actually, quite comfortable. However, I don’t know that we can do this for the first couple weeks after surgery, as much as I would like to. Their warmth and presence helps comfort me and aids in my recovery. I say it helps aid in my recovery because I can feel it, and sense it, but there is scientific research that shows how animals can provide aid to people not just from surgery, but PTSD, autism, elderly in nursing homes, and kids in hospitals. So many health benefits just from petting, hugging, and loving an animal. So easy to do and doesn’t cost much.

Wolfie was a good napping companion

Maybe if I had all of the dogs on me during naps after surgery, their good vibes and healing properties will soak into my body and that way I’ll heal faster. I need to get back to stretching. I feel like my muscles have shrunken since I haven’t been able to do any kind of physical activity at all in the last several weeks. I hate it.

But being kind to myself and resting and not overdoing it is vital to my recovery. It’s not like this is a broken leg, this is my spine we’re talking about here. A very delicate, sensitive, and vital part of my anatomy and body function. I don’t want to fuck it up cuz that would suck. So that means lots of rest and doing absolutely nothing. The guys have been forewarned, several times, that I will be doing absolutely nothing for several weeks after my surgery. No laundry, no dishes, the doctor says they don’t even want me vacuuming. HA! It’ll be like I have my own staff to take care of all that stuff for me. I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I’ll have lots of knitting and crocheting that I can finish. I’ve got a project over a year old that I need to finish. It’s ridiculous it’s taken me this long.

over year long project. I’ve completed more than this since this photo was taken. I’ll post an update soon. really.

I’ll enjoy watching the birds out the front window for now. They are so cute.

waiting for birds
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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless wednesday

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Lazy Sunday

Windy, chilly and rainy today so it’s a very lazy day. Lots of napping, watching American Pickers, and working on crafty stuff. I bought some extra large t-shirts at the local goodwill (half off of course) to make into t-shirt yarn so I can get me started on those crochet baskets I keep talking about. I’m so stoked that my crafty room is finally coming together! I’ve got my cutting desk, my sewing table, my sewing machine…now I just need to find my sewing machine foot pedal.

I know it’s here somewhere…

While I look for that, you have a restful day.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Lazy Sunday

These kids are taking it to the next level, right? I was working on some knitting and I looked over and saw this.

They made me want to take a nap myself.

I’m still working on my knitting project and it is coming along. It’ll be awhile before I’m done, but it’ll get done.

Enjoying a relaxing day. Hope you are too.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Lazy Sunday

Lola loves to jump around in the water, and she has started taking Toby's ball from him in a game of keep away. Then she decides to take the ball into the water, which isn't a good idea since she can't pick up the ball in the water, she only makes it sink more or she pushes it farther out in the water where I can't get it so then I have to send Toby out in the water to get the ball.

These are chuck-it balls, which aren't cheap, so I want the damn things back.

Look at her dirty face! This is what she's really like:

Don't let that cute little face fool you, she can be a terror.

Lounging around today, working on my knitting project, which, unfortunately, I know I'm not going to complete in time. That bugs me. I have been trying so hard for so long to finish what I start (and in a timely manner) that this is a step back. At least I tried, right?

Hey, has anyone seen these or tried them?

These are gorgeous and I would love to get one but they are SOOOOO very expensive I don't want to have serious buyers remorse. Does anyone have any feedback on these? I'd love to hear it.

I hope your day is restful.
Enjoy your day.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday