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Meditative work

I got my latest yarn of the month selection today in the mail (see that pretty ball of yarn in the photo next to my lovely girl Anna?) and was sitting on the couch winding it into a ball when it struck me how meditative that activity is. I supposed I could get me one of them fancy ball winders which would probably save a lot of time and aggravation, but I actually like taking the time to wind the yarn myself. To feel the softness of the yarn, and the texture as I’m winding it; to watch the yarn go from a very small bit of thread to a softball size of eclectic colors I can (softly) hurl at my husband’s head to get his attention; and the excitement and anticipation of what new project I’m going to make out of this fascinating little bit of material and how fabulous it’s going to look when it’s finished, and how accomplished I will feel once it’s done.

I’d like to think my life is immensely exciting and interesting and really it’s not. And that’s ok. I am perfectly happy and content winding yarn with puppies by my side nearly every day.

If only everyone was so lucky.

Have a meditative day.

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Almost closing time

This has been a whirlwind week, with cleaning and purging and donating and updating and just plain throwing out, I get totally sidetracked and forget about other projects that I care about and have time invested in, like this writing. 

But these distractions in life are temporary and life returns to its new normal, whatever that is at the moment. 

I’ll tell you what, all this cleaning and purging and donating has been so awesome  for me. I’ve learned what I need and what I don’t, what I can live with and without, how to do with less, and how to say goodbye to those things that no longer serve me, even if there is a sentimental attachment

There are many, many things I will miss about Orlando; seeing a momma swan and her ducklings every spring will be one of them, and there really is so much more to Orlando than the theme parks.

It’s been a wild ride, and an interesting one, and one I will never forget. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.

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New prayer flags

Got some new, larger prayer flags the other day. These are so awesome, I had to share.

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Quote of the day 


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Maybe my clutter is the problem…

The two nicest rooms in my house are the guest room and my 2nd bath. You know why? Because they are uncluttered.

No extra extraneous things to distract my mind, just clean rooms with only the necessary objects for a simple, minimalist way to live. This has actually proved to be quite calming for me, so therefore, I’m now working to get the rest of my house the same.  

Please understand, I’m not a hoarder at all, but once I started cleaning, I found myself saying more than once “oh yeah, I remember this”, and then just as quickly putting it in the goodwill box. Even though it may have been difficult to let go of this thing, I had no idea when I was going to use it (again?) and holding on to it was holding me back. 

So now I’m tackling my crafty room. As a crafty person, I’ve got lots of ideas and projects and drawings and patterns and metal and beads and material that “I swear some day I’m going to use”, but it just sits there staring at me wondering when I’m going to use it.  
And my procrastination has gotten worse as I have accumulated more things with the good intention of doing something with them. It wasn’t always that way. I had one project and I finished it. Then something else caught my eye, and I set it over here “just for now” until I finished this other thing…and it snow balled from there. 

I felt more productive only having one thing to do. I could focus on that one thing, finish it, and have a feeling of accomplishment. Now I look at my pile of stuff and walk right by.

I used to think that it was the room – that there wasn’t the right wall color or curtain pattern. Then I thought it was the room location in the house – like it was so far removed from the other rooms in my house that I felt detached (which is ridiculous because I have a one floor house of only 1100sf)  

But now I realize it’s me, and my clutter. 

So now I’m getting rid of my clutter. On the one hand it’s kinda scary, (that whole attachment thing), on the other it’s very freeing. It’s a joyful, light feeling and it’s pretty addicting. Which should help me be more productive. 
I like that.

Have an uncluttered, productive day.

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Here we go…

I’m so ready, are you?

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The holidays are here? I hadn’t noticed…

christmas lights 2009
And honestly, that’s how I feel. With all the crap I’ve been through this year – my MIL illness and death, marriage issues, tight finances, and the ever increasing intolerance of the heat and humidity due to peri-menopause – the last thing on my mind has been sending out Christmas cards or shopping for gifts.

Although I did put up some lights around the house. And a few ornaments here and there.

But really, who, besides my 70 year old mother (or others her age), sends cards anymore? I’m glad we’re saving trees by not sending cards, but I do miss getting letters in the mail. It’s nice to get something besides junk mail, and the fact that someone thought of me to send me a card is thoughtful. It just warms my heart.

Since I am trying to simplify, and not aquire things, not doing all this shopping has been a great relief to me.

Maybe that’s the introvert in me?

I’d rather just spend time with the people I care about than buy them something. And if I do buy them something, it will be thoughtful, rather than in a heated shopping rush.

And isn’t that more important, especially at this time of year? To spend time with those you care about?


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The worst day of yoga is still a good day


Yesterday was not my best day in yoga.

I felt unbalanced, dizzy, was distracted, and not at all focused.

I ended up spending most of the 90 minutes in child’s pose.


I don’t know why I was crying.

My mind raced with all kinds of reasons why I was crying –
Hence: distracted
– because I feel overwhelmed by life? I’m not at home with puppies, where I’m happy and comfortable? Because the weather is so unbearably hot and humid I can’t breathe? And now maybe a hurricane?

Because finances are tight and I didn’t make thousands at the Bazaar? Because my MIL is dying and my mom is losing her vision? Because I’m not near family, and living my life’s purpose? Or because my car desperately needs an oil change?

Hey, it could be anything.

My dizziness bothered me as this isn’t the first time I have felt really unbalanced in class. So then my mind wanders again –  what if I have a brain tumor that’s pressing on that part of my brain that regulates equilibrium? And it’s inoperable? Now what?!

Fer Christ’s sake, I’ve got too much to live for!
Hence: not at all focused

But the crying, the crying part. I tried to focus on that, because that’s really where the issue lies. Whatever the issue(s) is, I really wanted, and needed, to explore that.

But I couldn’t leave class to cry my eyes out, and I really wanted to participate, but my body wasn’t letting me.

Maybe that’s it – frustration.

Frustration that my body wasn’t letting me. Frustration that I can’t do anything for my MIL, but wait for the inevitable to unfold.
Frustration that I’m not near my family to enjoy their company and to help my mom when needed.
Frustration that I don’t feel like I’m living my life’s purpose, and that I can’t breathe in this weather, and that I’m not a stay at home dog mom.

All kidding aside, that would be an awesome job.


Frustration in yoga class is the worst thing I could do. I’m not open and receptive, and I’m fighting against what is. Fighting against what is doesn’t accomplish a damn thing. Frustration against the past – which can’t be undone – and the future – which I can’t really control – does absolutely nothing but cause me more grief.

So I took a deep breath, and rested in child’s pose. The answers will come.

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Taking a walk


Decided to take a walk at lunchtime today to the post office to mail out my 100 swag bag items for the Big Bang Bazaar. This is part of my view.

Taking a walk in nature improves a person’s mood and is good for the brain. I feel so fortunate to have such beautiful things to see on my walk.

Enjoy your beautiful day.

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Pretty in pink


While I was in Ohio for the 4th of July, my mom and I went to the Boston Mills artfest. There were a lot of amazing artists there, and this beautiful seating area. I love the pink lady, the pink table and chairs, and of course, the gorgeous flower arrangements. If you sit there for awhile, you might just think it’s your own private garden oasis, then strange people walk by which kind of ruins the whole image and you’re shocked back to reality.