About Me

designer and model
Me (left), and my model Theresa, just before show time at Trash2Trends 2015

I’m a crafty girl, always been. My mom is an old hippie, so I think I get it from her. She was always making crafts with us kids, or making crafts for us kids to make. Mom would make my barbie’s clothes without any pattern, which was really amazing. Mom crocheted, I’m taking up knitting.

I like to ride my bike, and ride my bike with my dogs. I like to go for walks in the woods (with my dogs), or for walks on the beach (with my dogs – see a theme here?)

I like to read, I’m a voracious reader. Books (non-fiction and biographies, animal/human behavior studies, psychology, religious history, and regular ol’ world history), and  international news are my favorites. I’m a school geek, I love school. I love school so much that if being a student was a professional career, that’s what I would be.

My pets are my children, I have a garden, and I’m a big fan of yoga. If you’ve seen any of my Instagram photos, you’ll see those three loves of mine all rolled into one.

I like Netflix and naps, sometimes at the same time. Milk and ice cream don’t like me, but tea and shortbread cookies do. I mostly resemble my stocky, peasant-like Hungarian paternal grandmother as opposed to my lithe and suave maternal Irish grandfather.

I’ve traveled abroad, some, and I’m very comfortable in Europe. I speak French and all different various English accents which is big fun at parties.

I like suspenseful/thriller/action/adventure movies, foreign films, and British comedies make me pee my pants.

My short term goal is to land a handstand. My long term goal is to retire early and use my time and philanthropy to aid animal welfare and environmental causesIf I’m not already napping.

Oh, and sarcasm, lots of sarcasm. I wish there was a sarcasm font, for real. There would be a lot less misunderstandings that way.


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