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Lazy Sunday

Can these guys get anymore relaxed?

So I woke up the other day and found this.

You can see my right pant leg, the pink with the light pattern in it, along with my foot in the purple sock peeking out from under the blanket.

Anna is right by my foot, Toby has wedged himself between my knees with his head up near my left hip, and Lola has squeezed herself on my right side near my elbow.

I just think this cuddle puddle is so cute and funny and actually, quite comfortable. However, I don’t know that we can do this for the first couple weeks after surgery, as much as I would like to. Their warmth and presence helps comfort me and aids in my recovery. I say it helps aid in my recovery because I can feel it, and sense it, but there is scientific research that shows how animals can provide aid to people not just from surgery, but PTSD, autism, elderly in nursing homes, and kids in hospitals. So many health benefits just from petting, hugging, and loving an animal. So easy to do and doesn’t cost much.

Wolfie was a good napping companion

Maybe if I had all of the dogs on me during naps after surgery, their good vibes and healing properties will soak into my body and that way I’ll heal faster. I need to get back to stretching. I feel like my muscles have shrunken since I haven’t been able to do any kind of physical activity at all in the last several weeks. I hate it.

But being kind to myself and resting and not overdoing it is vital to my recovery. It’s not like this is a broken leg, this is my spine we’re talking about here. A very delicate, sensitive, and vital part of my anatomy and body function. I don’t want to fuck it up cuz that would suck. So that means lots of rest and doing absolutely nothing. The guys have been forewarned, several times, that I will be doing absolutely nothing for several weeks after my surgery. No laundry, no dishes, the doctor says they don’t even want me vacuuming. HA! It’ll be like I have my own staff to take care of all that stuff for me. I’m looking forward to it.

Of course, I’ll have lots of knitting and crocheting that I can finish. I’ve got a project over a year old that I need to finish. It’s ridiculous it’s taken me this long.

over year long project. I’ve completed more than this since this photo was taken. I’ll post an update soon. really.

I’ll enjoy watching the birds out the front window for now. They are so cute.

waiting for birds
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Kindness calendar

kindness_calendar 2017

“Don’t mistake kindness for weakness” – quote from someone, still a good point

“Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere” – another quote from someone, also a good point

I just found this and had to print it out for myself, and share with you all. Being kind is not that difficult, and with people’s nerves and tensions being at an all time high at this time of year (especially after this past holiday), I think it’s even more important to be kind to each other.

Family can be challenging to be around, and I know that nothing is forever and I am glad to have family around, so I am kind. It takes so little to be kind. People don’t always remember what you say, but they remember how you made them feel, and being kind makes them feel good.

So be kind.


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Lazy Sunday

Well, there could be squirrel anywhere mom, we have to be diligent about protecting our yard.

This is what we do most afternoons. Sit outside and look for squirrel.

If only all of our lives, human and animal, we’re so easy and simple. It is possible, with just a little effort. Some may see it as laziness, I see it as living well.

Isn’t that what we all long for?

Live well today.

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What the U.S. would look like if all the earth’s ice melted

This is scary, and fascinating. Good thing I’ll be moving from Florida soon.

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Why elastic is my friend

WHAT?! No elastic in the waistband? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Elastic is my friend.

There, I said it. I admit that I am comfortable in elastic waist banded clothes, and that stretchy fabrics are manna from heaven. Soft cottons make me sleepy and hemp clothing is not only sustainable but light and airy.

I don’t like buttons on my clothes, except for the ones that hold up my pants. If I can’t pull a shirt up over my head in one quick pain-free motion, I’m not wearing it.

I’m a t-shirt destroyer.
My husband’s words.
I’ll cut the arms and neckline of a t-shirt I like just to make it more comfortable to wear.
Read last paragraph about pulling a shirt over my head.

I. Don’t. Wear. Jeans.
Too uncomfortable, stiff, and there is NO elastic in the waistband.

Need I say more?

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The worst day of yoga is still a good day


Yesterday was not my best day in yoga.

I felt unbalanced, dizzy, was distracted, and not at all focused.

I ended up spending most of the 90 minutes in child’s pose.


I don’t know why I was crying.

My mind raced with all kinds of reasons why I was crying –
Hence: distracted
– because I feel overwhelmed by life? I’m not at home with puppies, where I’m happy and comfortable? Because the weather is so unbearably hot and humid I can’t breathe? And now maybe a hurricane?

Because finances are tight and I didn’t make thousands at the Bazaar? Because my MIL is dying and my mom is losing her vision? Because I’m not near family, and living my life’s purpose? Or because my car desperately needs an oil change?

Hey, it could be anything.

My dizziness bothered me as this isn’t the first time I have felt really unbalanced in class. So then my mind wanders again –¬† what if I have a brain tumor that’s pressing on that part of my brain that regulates equilibrium? And it’s inoperable? Now what?!

Fer Christ’s sake, I’ve got too much to live for!
Hence: not at all focused

But the crying, the crying part. I tried to focus on that, because that’s really where the issue lies. Whatever the issue(s) is, I really wanted, and needed, to explore that.

But I couldn’t leave class to cry my eyes out, and I really wanted to participate, but my body wasn’t letting me.

Maybe that’s it – frustration.

Frustration that my body wasn’t letting me. Frustration that I can’t do anything for my MIL, but wait for the inevitable to unfold.
Frustration that I’m not near my family to enjoy their company and to help my mom when needed.
Frustration that I don’t feel like I’m living my life’s purpose, and that I can’t breathe in this weather, and that I’m not a stay at home dog mom.

All kidding aside, that would be an awesome job.


Frustration in yoga class is the worst thing I could do. I’m not open and receptive, and I’m fighting against what is. Fighting against what is doesn’t accomplish a damn thing. Frustration against the past – which can’t be undone – and the future – which I can’t really control – does absolutely nothing but cause me more grief.

So I took a deep breath, and rested in child’s pose. The answers will come.

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Quote of the day


I used to think karma was some mystical woo-woo thing that only happened to certain people that cast the “correct” spell to get it to work. As my life has progressed, I think it’s less mystical woo-woo spell casting than it is just living by the golden rule. When I’ve been crabby and bitchy and selfish, that usually came around and bit me in the ass. Then I would whine and cry about how the world was so unfair to me.

When I decided to be kind and patient and giving and selfless ~

Not a doormat thank you there is a difference ~

My life started to be a little easier with a lot less whining and crying and gnashing of teeth. And once I started to see more good things coming my way, I saw how karma works.

All that selfishness and anger and attitude takes a lot of energy that I just don’t have the time for, it can be put to better use elsewhere.

May your karma restaurant only be filled with the best things you love.
Enjoy your weekend.

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Wolfie – my natural pest control agent


So around midnight last night I wake up to this incessant meowing. And not the kind of meowing where she wants to eat or be petted, this was the meowing of someone on a mission and she had something to say. She was telling me she had something important to show me and I need to get up NOW and check it out

otherwise she would just keep meowing and then the dogs get involved because Wolfie is advertising something and I don’t need some reenactment of a wild Kingdom episode in my house.

For those of you with cats, you know this meow. It’s the meow that makes me think “oh crap, what did she bring me now”

So I drag my tired ass out of bed and find her in my crafty room – gasp! – of all places, and she is hovering around a small mouse she brought me. No worries, it was still intact, I guess the poor thing was just scared to death.

So I thanked her for thinking of me and being such a helpful cat, gave her some treats as a distraction, picked up the poor creature in a plastic bag, and hung the bag on the outside door handle until I could properly dispose of it this morning.

Never a dull moment around here.

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Quote of the day


Duke doesn’t know he’s old with gray fur around his muzzle, or that his teeth have a little plaque on them; he just knows he loves his family and wants to be loved in return.

Isn’t that what we all want? Regardless of the way we look?

Have a good weekend.

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Lazy Sunday


We were at the park for almost 2 hours today, which is much longer than we usually take. The weather was so nice this morning as it rained for most of last night, which cooled it off tremendously. It’ll probably rain again today, which we need, so we’ll take it easy.
Although I’ll be more productive than yesterday.
Enjoy your Sunday.