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Work in progress

So my ball of yarn for my Vee Excellent test project is now down to this small tennis ball sized bit. It’s a relief to see that it’s come this far and how much progress I have made, but I am not even to the end of this side of the project and I have a whole other side to do yet. Which makes me think ‘holy crap this is going to take a very long time’. I hope to have it all done before Christmas, but we’ll see. Nevertheless, I’m going to finish. And keep it for myself. Hell if I’m going to give it away after all the time and effort I’ve put into it, along with the swearing from having to tear out stitches and tink it all back and start over again.

I don’t really care for tinking and my husband says all I need to do is concentrate instead of making mistakes and swearing and having to redo all this stuff. Good point, but learning from my mistakes is something I’m going to have to do for the rest of my life, so I’d better get used to it. Besides, nothing is perfect. My perfect imperfection. I’m good with it.


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Lazy Sunday


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Saturday stitch meltdown

So you know this project I’ve been working on for months? Well, I took it outside with me while watching puppies chase squirrel, and I’m making good progress, when I go to pull up on my work to adjust and start a new row…and my needles catch on something and I end up pulling out almost 4 rows in the middle of my work off both needles.

It’s a good thing I live so far removed from anyone as the swearing could be heard houses away.

I couldn’t tink it back as that was not an option, so I ended up tearing out the 4 full rows and putting them back on the needle. The yarn gods must have been on my side because besides two small gaps in the stitching, it turned out great. I got the correct rows and the stitch marker back in the right spots. Hallelujah!

Keep on keeping on…

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So the V is complete, and I am working on the right side arm of the V. With so much of the pattern done I can see what it’s supposed to look like when finished, I can see the pattern in the V and now I can envision it’s size and, more importantly, how beautiful it is going to look when finished. Working on this pattern has made me appreciate those that make up their own patterns; the time, effort, design, and ingenuity that goes along with making a pattern. I can also appreciate the time and effort put into making such a thing as a gift for someone else (or for yourself). I think that appreciation has been lost on a lot of people nowadays. Most anything we, as consumers, buy is made overseas, and very cheaply. If it gets stained or ripped or breaks, it’s made so cheaply that we don’t think twice about throwing something away and going out and buying something new to replace it. There is no thought behind the thing that is stained or ripped or broken, it’s just a thing that can be cheaply replaced.

Something handmade, something knitted or crocheted or sewn or baked or cooked, is not cheaply made, either with supplies or time. It is precious and should be treated that way.

I’m glad to see that slow fashion is becoming more popular, but I’m most excited by those that are reusing the unwanted clothes that are already out there for an altruistic purpose.  I found a local business here that will service sewing machines so my fabulous Husqvarna serger garage sale find will be like brand new soon! I can’t wait! I have lots of leftover t-shirt material that I’d like to piece together to make something unique and fabulous and oh sew special (see what I did there?)

I hope you have a unique and fabulous day.

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Wolfie – August 2006 – September 26, 2017

I don’t think I told you, but Wolfie died late last month. Totally unexpected and quite a shock. Up until when I found her she was very active, following me and the dogs around the yard, chasing birds, jumping the fence, always outside and only coming in to eat. Before I left Florida she was getting pretty thin, but my neighbors said (since they have a dozen cats and have had cats all their lives) that that is just what happens to older cats, they get skinny as they get older. So I didn’t think anything of it, because she was still eating and drinking and still active.

It must have been several hours into her permanent slumber when I found her asleep under my BIL’s bed, because rigor mortis had already set in. (Not totally, but it was still traumatic.) I cried for probably 8 hours. We buried her outside, because she loved to be there. My face hurt by the end of the day.

I still miss her walking around the yard with me and giving a hard time to the other neighborhood cats. And she purred all. the. time. I miss her purring.

Anyway, she had a good life and was the sweetest cat. I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite photos of her in this montage. It’s been too difficult to talk about until now.

little kitty

Rogue, her sister, doesn’t seem to care much, but they weren’t close; they never really liked each other. A lot like some human sisters I know (not me, I like my sister.)


The other puppies are keeping me company to help fill the void. They are so cute and active it’s difficult for me to stay sad for too long. I must have my grief and move on, time waits for no one.

I’m busy with my knitting and crochet and *finally* getting my sewing desk set up downstairs. Yay! I have a full basement crafty room! woot woot! WITH a futon! yeah baby! Now I don’t have to leave the basement to take a nap! Life goals, right?

Have a productive weekend.

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I have actually done this. My husband laughs too.


That’s kinda what I’m thinking. When the big one drops, you gotta have some kinda skills, I figure this is as good as anything.