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Monday Motivation

edison quote
edison quote

I often think of this quote when I’m feeling like I can’t do it all, or just do it – period. Then I remember to do just one thing at a time, work at it a little day by day, and it will get done. Maybe not as fabulously as I had hoped or imagined, but it will get done. I never thought I’d be very good at knitting, but I’m doing pretty well, mastering the stitches, and trying something new almost every week, and not with the same easy stitches either, I’m getting into some yarn overs and K2TOG, etc.


I’m learning to be more patient with myself in the stuff I do, and I am totally honest about my limitations; if I can’t do it, I can’t do it and that’s that.

I bought myself an ID lanyard with the Wonder Woman logo on it and wore it to work. One of my smart ass coworkers I joke with says “I know you’d like to think you’re Wonder Woman, but you’re not.” Pshaw…I know I am.


Lazy Sunday 

Lola was not so entertained by Rogue One today, so she found a comfy chair to relax, all to herself, no one to bother her, and with such a cute little face! I probably have more photos her than any of my other dogs. (Don’t tell them that). I love them all the same, but Lola is my superstar she-could-be-in-a-commercial puppy dog. Although she does need a haircut, but that doesn’t take away from her cuteness.

Ah the life of a dog in my house. I wish I had it so good. Maybe in my next life. 

Enjoy your day.

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Happy Earth Day!

Having a relaxing earth day watching Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix while finishing my knitting with the puppies sleeping next to me. And now…I nap.

But before that, I leave you with some information regarding Earth Day and what we can do as humans to make just a little difference in our world for the good.

As an example, here is what I do every day:

  • compost
  • recycle every possible thing in my house (my recycling bin is fuller than my garbage bin)
  • use bamboo toothbrushes
  • use Dr. Bronner’s soap for shampoo, laundry, and general cleaning
  • Use a solution of water and vinegar for a conditioning rinse
  • use cloth napkins
  • use canvas bags for shopping
  • use kitchen towels instead of paper towels
  • use reusable glass containers for storage and for leftovers
  • use a refillable jug/mug/cup
  • I’m a vegetarian

Here’s what I do when I fairly regularly:

  • grow my own vegetables in my raised bed garden
  • use rain water in my rain barrels to water the garden and other plants (as needed, my yard is xeriscaped for Florida, so I don’t water my plants nor do I fertilize with chemicals and my yard looks great.)
  • walk to the grocery store from work (so close and I don’t have to drive)
  • open the shades for natural light
  • donate unwanted clothes to goodwill/ATRS recycling
  • buy my clothes at goodwill
  • take naps

If we all do just one little thing, every day, collectively that adds up to one big thing, which can make all the difference in, and to, the world. I hope you’ll be inspired by these graphics to try something.

coral infographic

green goals

trash free seas
learn more here


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Wordless Wednesday 


Monday motivation 

My lovely friend and dog sitter, Roberta, bought me a beautiful gift from Darn Good Yarn of this recycled silk yarn and a bamboo bowl for holding this precious yarn. It was kind of ironic, as I had been looking at this bowl for awhile and I almost bought it weeks ago. She is so thoughtful, now I just need to figure out what to make with it. A skinny scarf? Fingerless gloves? I have no idea, but the motivation to figure it out is.

Have a fabulous day.


Star Wars celebration of Goodwill 

Did you get that little play on words there?

The Star Wars Celebration today was awesome. We saw so many characters and had such a good time walking around ochecking ut the people and vendors. Just when we thought that we weren’t going to get any t-shirts, love and behold! Look what we found! Our local Goodwill had a booth of all their Star Wars merchandise! How awesome is that?! T-shirts were $5 each (can’t beat that!) so Sarah bought a few classics. They also had the original 3 movies…on VHS. Yeah. But how awesome is that that Goodwill had a booth there? Right there you have a trifecta: donations, repurpose, reuse- all good things. See? You never know what good things you’ll find at a goodwill.

And talk about some interesting things we saw there, check this out:

Yes, he played the batman song

A Lucasfilm approved tattoo artist

Generations of Princess Leia


Wordless Wednesday


Monday Motivation

Lola, the flying puppy

I have never seen a flying puppy, have you? Lola can do some pretty amazing things; she can climb trees, chase lizards, make friends with the cat, and leap and fly with the greatest of ease. Being such a tiny dog, that is probably not too difficult for her, although being so low to the ground I’m surprised she gets up so high when she leaps and flies.

She gives me motivation to keep trying, keep flying, and keep looking cute.

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Lazy Sunday

The weather has just been so beautiful the last few days, I can hardly believe it. The last “cool snap” before the heat of summer kicks in. I am ever so grateful for days like this, I can enjoy my back porch and being outside watching puppies play in the garden; and I can work in my garden without being so uncomfortable.

I still have tomatoes growing and some collard greens, so I think I’ll make a sweet potato and collard green dish for lunch. I also have dill growing! What I did this year with the garden is I threw a bunch of seeds in the dirt that we had leftover from a couple years ago (I know…) and they grew! And one of those seed packets we had was dill! So now I have dill and I need to find something to add it to. Besides my eggs in the morning and pickles, I have no idea what to use it with. It smells great though.

Still cleaning and purging and simplifying. It’s been great and I am getting used to it and enjoying it really. I’ve found, for me, that my biggest problem is the sentimental and emotional attachment that comes from certain objects. But as this article states, “…we are the embodiment of our experience.” So I don’t have to hold onto things because I will always have the memories and experience within me, that can never be taken away. So all my photos from high school, that I haven’t looked at in years, I can shred, because let’s face it, I’m not going to look at them again (anytime soon) and I will always have those memories with me, they aren’t going anywhere. Having less clutter not only frees up space, it frees up time too.

more time to watch puppies play in the yard and to work in my garden and to make more crafty, creative sewing/jewelry/knitting stuff. (I’m working on these happy sheep dishcloths next, SO excited!)

Whatever your weather, enjoy your day.


Where’s Duke?

He is such a funny, old dog. He loves to hang out in the plants. He likes to chew on my plants too. The ones hanging over his head are thick and juicy, and easy to tear, so those are fun. And I think the ferns tickle his sides and belly. And he gets such good shade in the plants. (He has some pretty thick fur)

It’s already started to be hot (88F) so I think we’re all going to be enjoying shade more often.

Enjoy your Saturday.