Monday Motivation · photography · trash2trends

Monday motivation 

Pinning and sewing swatches for my Trash2Trends project

All in all a productive weekend: making progress on my Trash2Trends piece, worked in the garden, made some soup, started on goods for our office Christmas party this week, and had a FAB – O day thrifting with a friend of mine. We walked, we talked, we gnoshed, it was great.

I’m putting more into practice my Just One Thing, action of the day. I sat down to sew a few pieces together and before I knew it, I had them all sewn together.

I’m doing the same thing for our office holiday party. I volunteered to make a German chocolate cake. I kept bragging about how my grandmother used to make the best German chocolate cake so I said I’d do it. Little do I know how time and labor intensive this thing is. Now I’m nearly terrified to try it for fear it will taste horrible and I’ll look like an idiot.

But I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to do Just One Thing (borrow cake pans from my neighbor) today, something else tomorrow (buy ingredients I don’t have yet), and bake it Thursday evening.

I’ll consider this doing one thing a day that scares me.

Regardless, I’ll do it and it will be either a smashing success or a spectacular failure.  Either way, lessons learned and a feeling of accomplishment, for both the cake and my fashion show project.

Enjoy your day.


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