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Monday motivation

Baby butternut squash, baby!

I have 9 of these new sprouts growing in the garden! I honestly did not even know I planted them, I just planted a bunch of leftover seeds I had just to see what would come up. So now I am researching all kinds of recipes for butternut squash.

We still have tomatoes, onions, and some green peppers growing, and since it’s rained today I’m going to let them continue to grow. In another month we’ll till up the garden and prep it for winter.

Tomorrow I can tomatoes.

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Monday Motivation

vintage patterns

OMG, have you seen this?

A whole website dedicated to vintage (25+ years old) sewing patterns, available to view and some to purchase. I found a retro dress pattern that looks stylish and very easy to make, the Butterick “walk-away” dress pattern.

Like I need more projects for me to work on. You know, work just gets in the way of all the stuff I really want to do, you know?

I find some interesting vintage patterns at the thrift store from time to time, I always check out what may be there. That, and look for yarn. Always looking for yarn.

Monday Motivation · photography

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation · photography

Monday motivation

I love this big, fat, soft, chunky yarn in this green and I have been chomping at the bit to make something awesome out of it and have decided to try my hand at a hat. Yep, a slouchy winter hat. Spring is almost here, but what the hell, I’m going for it.

I have found crochet to be a lot more forgiving than knitting when it comes to making a pattern, but I still am getting the hang of chaining and turning and where to start on the next row. The Craft Yarn Council has a great how-to page on reading a crochet pattern. I got all the abbreviations but the counting throws me off.

I already had to rip out one row and start over. 

But that’s the beauty of crochet, easy to rip out a row, easy to put it back on. I’m afraid I don’t have enough yarn for this patter though, so I’m trying to decide if I am just going to take some yarn I already have an add on to this one, or buy some more of this green to finish it.

I really like the green.

Any thoughts?

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Monday motivation

reversible carry-all bag

I have lots of this leftover fabric (this pink pattern and orange fabric are actually former bedsheets that I am repurposing into some other wonderful new things – I just love these colors!) that I am making into some wonderful new things, this reversible bag being one of them. I bought a book on bag sewing projects, that are pattern free, so I can modify the sizes to fit whatever I need. This is another test run project of the reversible bag that I made for a friend of mine. (sorry about the wrinkles, I am not big on ironing)

The pockets are bigger than what the pattern calls for, but who cares? You can fit your phone, wallet, and keys in these pockets without any worry. I also added some padding to the handles. I am starting another project in making a skirt out of mens ties and I am taking the ties apart so that I have more material to work with, so I take out the inside padding of the ties and you know how I hate to be wasteful, so I saved the tie padding and used it for padding inside these handles. It makes them stronger, softer, and more durable to use. I also added some soft iron-on interfacing to the orange fabric for a bit of structure to the bag. All in all, I think it turned out pretty good. Only took me about 2 hours to complete, from cutting to finished sewing.

The next time I make this bag though, I will alternate the material, in that I will have a main fabric and contrasting fabric sewn together, so that either inside or outside, it looks like the same bag. I have so much fabric I’m going through it all and just being crafty.

Anna loves looking out the window

All the snow here has melted and today it was sunny, breezy, and pretty temperate. And since it is getting darker later, I am feeling more motivated to do more things. I know this sounds like an excuse, but this cold winter weather and change in savings time makes me lethargic and unmotivated. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it makes me feel sluggish. I suppose that this is normal, since it has been going on since the begging of time, this change of season, and I should just get used to it and accept it, but after being in hot and humid constantly for 30 years, this is an adjustment. Next year I will be more prepared and will make my exercise/sleep/eating/crafty adjustments and deal with it. I’ll be fine, it’s not forever, right?

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Monday Motivation

I don’t know why, (it should be the opposite), but this rainy weather today made me very motivated. I started on a knitting project using some yarn I bought years ago when I went to visit my sister in AZ, I broke out a bunch of ties I’ve collected to take apart and make into a skirt and ironed them and made some measurements for a pattern, and looking through all my patterns I remember this skirt (bottom right) and boy do I have a lot of material I can get started a-cutting and making skirts with pockets. I LOVE pockets! I wish more dresses had pockets.

Tomorrow is expected to have more rain also, and Wednesday too. No worries, I’ll get a lot done.

What have you been working on?

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Monday motivation

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Monday motivation

The skirt for my Trash2Trends project. I have to sew all the pieces together, but other than that, it is done! The bodice is also finished, and if you noticed, I made a choker from some tubing to fancy the whole thing up. Have you ever tried to iron plastic? Kinda tricky, but so far, I haven’t melted anything, and cross my fingers, that won’t happen.

It’s been nice having my own crafty room downstairs with extra tables and room to work. It’s like my own workshop, it’s so nice to have the tools I need right there and available and where I can find them when I need them. Guys can have a wood shop, I can have a sewing shop. Hey….I like that name, The Sewing Shop. You heard it here first, don’t steal my idea.

Now I need to do an internet search to see if someone already has that name. Well, there’s one in Louisiana, Milford, Ohio, and Canterbury. No worries, I’ll make it work.

Anyway, putting the final touches on this week to get ready for next week’s show. If you are in the area, come see all the cool designs! You’ll be amazed at what people do with paper, and plastic bags, and rubber, and cardboard, and cd’s, and medical supplies….

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Monday Motivation – New Years day edition

Did you know it was also a full moon today? Kind of auspicious, I think, a new year and a full moon?

So I lit up some sage and cleansed the house, along with my thoughts. I made note of what I need to do, to start doing, and what I need to stop doing. Then I found this list:29523c975e75c49a11365f3e9c642c9a

These are all good ideas, ones I think we all could do a little more.

My biggest goal for this year is living in a tidy space. I have lots of hobbies and projects and things I like to do, but I am trying to narrow down the stuff I’m really going to end up doing, and not just accumulate stuff that I think I may do someday. The Minimalists are inspiring to me and they have a really good new years day podcast that I listened to today.

So besides hanging out with the puppies all day, and going outside once since you know it’s so freaking cold, that is the whole of my day. Which wasn’t bad to tell you the truth.

So what about you? Do you have any particular goals for this year? Did you stay in your pajamas all day?

(I don’t know the creator of this list, so if anyone does, please let me know so I can give proper credit.)

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Monday Motivation

Been hard at work cleaning up and organizing the crafty room in the basement

YES! I finally have a basement!

I have my desk set up for cutting material, I have my sewing table set up with my heavy duty machine and the serger is cleaned and oiled and working, my mannequin is at the side of the table ready to model my wares, and the steamer is anxiously waiting some work.

This is great! It’s been over 6 months since I’ve done any sewing, and just in the last week I’ve sat down to work on some bead work. Next up: doing something with all the metal I have and making some simple earrings.

SO ready.