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Rest and regroup

After the whirlwind that was last weekend, I am enjoying being outside in our warmer weather and working in the yard. The niece and nephew are over collecting volunteer hours by helping me landscape. With just 2 extra set of hands I have gotten SO much done and the yard is looking really good! Yay! very happy for me.

I’m still finding photos and links to the Trash2Trends show last weekend. It was such an amazing event; so much talent in one room was so inspiring! And we had such press there this year! I remember someone taking these photos of us backstage. In the one on the left, (above) I had to make a HUGE adjustment to the top for Theresa. The velcro I sewed on wasn’t quite in the right place, and I didn’t figure in how much a yoga mat would stretch, so I had to take it in a LOT and sew her into place. She couldn’t have gotten out of it if she tried. While I’m sewing I can see someone wandering around with a large camera in hand. I see them turn our way and I mumble to her “are they taking a picture of us?” “yes” she says. ok, cool, at least I know they won’t find any lipstick on my teeth in this one.

The photo on the right is when we were waiting backstage in show order. I was with her about 90% of the time. She had never done this before and wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so we stuck together. It was so great and we had such a good time together. We had a little down time, so we did some stretching. Good for the body and good to relax.

I hope you enjoy all the photos, have a restful day.


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