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Monday Motivation

edison quote
edison quote

I often think of this quote when I’m feeling like I can’t do it all, or just do it – period. Then I remember to do just one thing at a time, work at it a little day by day, and it will get done. Maybe not as fabulously as I had hoped or imagined, but it will get done. I never thought I’d be very good at knitting, but I’m doing pretty well, mastering the stitches, and trying something new almost every week, and not with the same easy stitches either, I’m getting into some yarn overs and K2TOG, etc.


I’m learning to be more patient with myself in the stuff I do, and I am totally honest about my limitations; if I can’t do it, I can’t do it and that’s that.

I bought myself an ID lanyard with the Wonder Woman logo on it and wore it to work. One of my smart ass coworkers I joke with says “I know you’d like to think you’re Wonder Woman, but you’re not.” Pshaw…I know I am.

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Lazy Sunday

The weather has just been so beautiful the last few days, I can hardly believe it. The last “cool snap” before the heat of summer kicks in. I am ever so grateful for days like this, I can enjoy my back porch and being outside watching puppies play in the garden; and I can work in my garden without being so uncomfortable.

I still have tomatoes growing and some collard greens, so I think I’ll make a sweet potato and collard green dish for lunch. I also have dill growing! What I did this year with the garden is I threw a bunch of seeds in the dirt that we had leftover from a couple years ago (I know…) and they grew! And one of those seed packets we had was dill! So now I have dill and I need to find something to add it to. Besides my eggs in the morning and pickles, I have no idea what to use it with. It smells great though.

Still cleaning and purging and simplifying. It’s been great and I am getting used to it and enjoying it really. I’ve found, for me, that my biggest problem is the sentimental and emotional attachment that comes from certain objects. But as this article states, “…we are the embodiment of our experience.” So I don’t have to hold onto things because I will always have the memories and experience within me, that can never be taken away. So all my photos from high school, that I haven’t looked at in years, I can shred, because let’s face it, I’m not going to look at them again (anytime soon) and I will always have those memories with me, they aren’t going anywhere. Having less clutter not only frees up space, it frees up time too.

more time to watch puppies play in the yard and to work in my garden and to make more crafty, creative sewing/jewelry/knitting stuff. (I’m working on these happy sheep dishcloths next, SO excited!)

Whatever your weather, enjoy your day.

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Monday motivation 

My serger works, new patterns, knitting, new bag material, nap time, learning new sewing skills….I’ve got all kinds of motivation going on!

If only Wolfie would stop lying on my material…

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What’s up Saturday 

Thinking about all these beautiful things today and how lucky I am to have them in my life.
All is well here, keeping very busy, and some personal life changes happening. It’s all good stuff though.
I hope you are well.

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Wordless Wednesday 

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Lazy Sunday 

Understandably, Wolfie is exhausted after all the thrift store shopping and t-shirt yarn making from yesterday. So we are taking a break and enjoying the nice weather and tending to the garden today. Lettuce and tomatoes are growing and the carrots need to be picked. 

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Sewing studio open house at the library 

this was awesome

So excited the library hosted this event today! Lots of people showed up and we had a good time making t-shirt yarn. We even finger knitted bracelets!

my fancy t-shirt yarn bracelet


So, of course, after I learned how to do that (so easy, BTW) I had to go out and get me some cheap t-shirts to try it at home.

And you know what happens after a person, who has cats, goes out shopping then sets the bags down before she can go through them, right?

Wolfie in a bag

Yep, that’s Wolfie making herself at home in one my bags of good stuff I bought at the thrift store. I didn’t have the heart to make her get out. She’s just so dern cute.




see how cute I am?

She’ll eventually leave, since being outside at night, or snuggling with me, is so much more exciting than sleeping in a bag all night.
Now I am off to make more t-shirt yarn!
Hope you had a fun Saturday!

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Monday motivation 

You know my big chunky fabulous cowl I made recently? Well I had a request to make another one from my sister in law in MD. This is so fun to make and an easy pattern (and I could use the practice) that I just couldn’t say no.

Plus, it’s kinda fun to work with the huge needles (size  US50)

Almost finished. I can’t wait too long to finish, of course, winter will be over soon enough.

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Monday motivation 

I went to the library again yesterday and learned the purl stitch in knitting. I’ve really become quite good at this – if I do say so myself  – and I enjoy it. 

If only my 20 year old self could see me now…

For me, it’s so nice to be so creative again with something new, it’s nice to learn a new skill, it’s important to me to keep my brain active and not have it turn to mush, and it’s nice to be able to make something (fairly quickly) that I can use and wear and show off. 

And being the thrifty person I am, I am realizing, through knitting, how I can make so many things that I currently buy now; such as washcloths, dishcloths, hats, scarves, socks, I could go on and on and on. 

Some people may say “why bother making it when you can go to the mega store and buy it for cheap?”

I say “why would I buy cheap crap made in China when I can have the satisfaction of knowing I made it myself?” The sense of accomplishment from putting my skills to use and being sensible of my finances and contributing to the household are good enough motivators for me and I get the satisfaction of reusing instead of buying and throwing away, (you know how I like to repurpose) and plus, it’s a pretty cool thing to do. 

Tomorrow I am knitting a giant scarf with some big fatty needles and some mega bulky yarn. 

This is gonna be fun!

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Yard sale finds!

So on my way home from yoga today I stopped by a yard sale in my neighborhood and look what I found! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. I bought all this yarn for $6!


I couldn’t believe it either.

I’m so excited, I go home and set the bag down – you know, so it doesn’t scare the dogs and they can sniff what’s in it – and guess what Lola does?

Yeah, the little stinker gets in the bag and pulls out a ball of yarn and starts to play with it and pull it apart!

No worries, the yarn isn’t torn up and she quickly tired of it. Once she was done I took it from her and replaced it with a proper toy.

Anna could care less.