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Brain dead weekends


I’ve had a lot of brain dead weekends lately. I know I should be a lot more productive than I am, but all I want to do is lie on the couch and watch something on Netflix. The puppies and kittens don’t seem to care much as they like the company, and honestly I don’t feel too guilty about it.

Until I go back to work and I remind myself of all the stuff I should have done, but didn’t.

Sundays are usually my most productive day. Tomorrow I work on some more hats. Things change and I’m trying to roll with it. Much easier than trying to fight it or control it.

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I needed a bigger hammer


I was working on some new stuff today and decided to try and make a short video while I was trying to hammer. It’s kinda funny, and turned out pretty good. Check it out here:

Check out charlene’s post on Vine!

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Ear wires

So yesterday was my birthday.

I stayed home from work. Yep, I took the day off.

I haven’t worked on my birthday in years.

I took puppies to the park

Lola; cute, pretty little girl

I went to yoga class

Moses in cat savasana

And I made a bunch of new ear wires


These are smaller than my regular ear wires:

Large ear wires

I test drove another pair with smaller ear wires the other day:

Small ear wires with my FAB-O new scarf from world market (LOVE that store)

Can you tell the difference? It may be hard to do in photos. The top photo has much larger ear wires that make the earrings more swingy

Yes, that is a word

The bottom photo has smaller ear wires. Not as swingy, these wires really hug the ear lobes. Neither ear wire is better than the other, in my view, just a personal preference.

I think I’ll use the smaller ear wires on larger earrings, and the large ear wires on the smaller earrings. Large earrings are already swingy, and I don’t want the ear wires to take away from the beauty of the earring. Small earrings can use extra swing, adding more character.

Do you have a preference?

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Hammer time!


so these are the awesome new hammers,

Well, new to me,

That my husband got me. They work just fabulously on the heavier gauge metal. It doesn’t take as many blows to flatten the metal. The smaller hammer does well with the smaller gauge metal and turns things flat in seconds. Most awesome.

I’m learning to be ambidextrous too. I favor my right, but that hand tends to get tired quickly using these heavy hammers. I’m getting better at it, but I can still see the difference in the markings from right to left hand. Kind of funny.

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New work

Since I was working on our rings the other day,

I had the torch going, the pickle heated, and water ready for dousing along with tongs for grabbing

I decided to start on some new work.


I didn’t throw the copper wire in the pickle, that’s a no-no. I don’t want to make extra work by turning my silver pink.

I had some large gauge wire from some rewiring my husband did, and it was looking lonely and needed attention. I formed them into large circles and soldered the ends together. Talk about a big flame.

Cooling after soldering

These will be hammered out for some texture with my new hammers my husband got for me. He’s a tool fiend like I am.

It’s not going to be as rainy this weekend as I expected, as I especially enjoy working indoors when it’s raining outside. Nevertheless, these will be fun to hammer out.

How is your weekend looking?