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Crochet hook roll up organizer

I have become obsessed with crochet hooks and having almost one in every color, size, design, and material. I didn’t realize there are ergonomic ones, wood ones, some made from bamboo, some out of plastic (of course), and the old school ones made from metal (those I inherited from my grandmother and mother). They were starting to take over the bottom of my bag and in not a very orderly fashion. So I decided to make up a roll up organizer stash for my hooks. I think the next one I make will have either some batting or lightweight fusible interfacing. I love the one I have, but I think it needs some more texture to it.

I tried making one with heavier material, for more texture, but it turned out too bulky and didn’t roll up very nicely.

I need to make one for my knitting needles, but in a different pattern so I don’t get them confused.

I’m trying to use up some of the stash of material I have accumulated over the years. I find material that I either love the pattern or the colors or it’s on sale or make up any old excuse it’ll do so I buy it and keep it like it’s some prized priceless antique, which is just ridiculous. I need to start purging. And making. It’ll do my soul (and my husband’s blood pressure) some good.

Although he’s one to talk, he’s lost count of how many fishing lures he has.

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Handbag/gift bag tutorial 

I’ve had this fancy pattern material lying around, looking all pitiful, wondering when it was going to find a new home, a new use, a wonderful new life…

So I found some matching remnants and decided to make some small handbags. I’m using these as part of holiday gifts this year. Check it out:

Find yourself some material you like – any size, doesn’t matter – some complementary fabric in the same size for the lining, and a complementary small swatch for the inside pocket. Also find some webbing or cording or something you can use for handles. For my bag, I used a 14″ W x 25″ L piece for the bag and lining, and a 6″ x 5″ for inside pocket. I cut two straps, each 20.5″ long.

Before you forget, the first thing you want to do is sew the inside pocket to the lining. Position it where ever you like, and stitch into place.

Next you’re going to sew the right sides together of both the bag and the lining, but not to each other, separately. (above)

I wanted my bags to have some depth to them, so at the bottom of the bag, I put together the side seam and bottom seam (or where there would be a bottom seam if you are using one whole piece), so now I have a corner (left photo). From that corner I measured 1.5″ and marked a line for sewing. Keep in mind that whatever you measure at this corner will make the depth of the bag twice what you measured. That’s just mathematics folks.

Sew across at the line you just measured and cut off the excess. This is the base of your bag. I like bags with some depth and base because it gives you some room to move around. Straight, flat sewn bags with no depth just aren’t my thing. I need to be able to reach my hand in there without having to fight with the material.

Also, if you notice in the photos, I use a complementary thread to the material, and my top thread and bobbin thread don’t always match. I really don’t care as 1.) I make sure my thread(s) always match the material I’m using, and 2.) I am using what is available to me so I’m not wasteful. In looking through all my thread and other notions, I’m finding that I have lots of nicely colored thread that I normally don’t use. So I’m using up that stuff. It still works and I don’t have to leave my house to get more (you know how introverts are about shopping in stores.)

Position the raw edges of your handles centered on your bag with the raw edges of your material. Put the right sides of the bag and lining together with the straps in between those 2 pieces of material.

Leave an opening so you can turn the bag inside out once you’re done sewing the bag and lining together.

Once you’ve sewn the bag and lining together, turn the bag right side out through the opening.

Once right side out, pin the lining and bag together around the top edge and sew together. You can use an iron to flatten out the material before pinning and sewing, that helps to keep it in place.

And VOILA! your finished bag!

Inside pocket view

What’s great about this pattern is you can use any piece of material, and make the bag any size that you want that fits your needs. This is an excellent way to use up pieces of material that you just don’t want to get rid of, but that you still want to find a use for; you know I’m all about the recycling and repurposing.

I think I’ll make one for myself. (It’s not like I don’t have enough bags, but I’m just saying…these turned out great! and I love the colors.)  Handy, cute little bags. and with a pocket! Who doesn’t love pockets?

Now your turn! Enjoy!

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Monday motivation 

I learned a trick from my dog sitter about easy functional clothes for the dog park – hospital scrubs! They are comfortable, durable, easy to wear, easy to clean, lots of pockets (very important) and best of all, I don’t care if they get dirty. The one problem I had with this particular pair (pictured above) is that I didn’t have a pocket on the left side.

What genius came up with that idea? Only pockets on one side? Now when I put my keys and my phone in my pockets, I feel like my pants are falling down on my right side. What the hell? 

So I decided to fix that. Over the weekend I found a fabric remnant for the pocket (the striped one). 

I ironed the piece, folded over the one edge, and sewed the folded ends together to finish. I centered the new pocket over the side seams at the same height as the pockets on the right side and sewed in place.  

I thought that pocket was kind of boring and wanted something a bit more colorful. The thought of going through all my remnants was kind of a drudgery, when lo and behold – yes, people still say that – staring right at me were swatches from Spoonflower

Underneath this very colorful swatch is the one that I used:

It’s a very soft stretchy material I sewed in place using a zigzag stitch, overlapping the striped remnant pocket.

And now my pants don’t fall down!

So much…on the one side…

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Lazy Sunday 

So yesterday I did a really crappy job of trying to post how I made this bag. The photos were all out of order, there were no captions, I didn’t get around to editing  and it was just a half assed job, so I removed that post for further editing. 

However, I did get around to editing this final photo: finished bag and my workspace. 

And a bonus photo of mom & dad peeking from behind my sewing machine.

Those flower lights were given to me by my mom and they are the prettiest things. Lovely colors and made out of fabric! Awesome! I have them on a timer to go off at night and again in the morning. They are a very soft light, so it’s not harsh to the waking eyes.  
I hope you have a enjoyable and beautiful day.

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Monday motivation 

Over the weekend I was working on some carry all bags made out of the leftover yoga mat pieces I had from the Trash2trends show. I have to say that yoga mat material is so very forgiving and easier to work with than I thought. 

It’s also a bit heavier than I thought too, but that’s another story

I cut the pieces, (bottom right), pinned on the pocket, (left), and searched my stash of canvas belts to use as handles (top right). It’s almost totally together and I’ll show you what I did later this week. 

It’s a really easy pattern to make a simple bag. What’s nice is you can make the bag any size you want, out of most any material, (new or repurposed, of course), and you can customize it with pockets! Or not, whichever you choose. I’m a big fan of pockets, so most everything I have or wear has pockets. 

I like being able to customize a simple pattern, there are so many possibilities, it’s kind of exciting! I can say I made something myself, and I made it unique!

Have a pocket-filled, exciting, unique day.

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Monday motivation 

So after a very busy day last Saturday, I’ve been inspired and busy and made a bunch of yoga mat earrings. An easy and relaxing thing to do after such a busy day.

Even though I didn’t win, I still had an awesome time at the Trash2trends show last week. To be around such creative energy was inspiring and exciting.

I think I’m really going to have to step up my game for next year. So many designs were so detailed and intricate and fancy; I am not fancy. I wish I were, but I’m not. I could be, but it would require a certain rewiring of my brain and thinking that may cause the same type of headache I got while writing APA style papers for a neurology class I took for my undergrad degree.

I hated, and loved, that class at the same time with the same degree of emotion. I wouldn’t take it back for a second.

I am a more practical, functional person, although I do like things to be aesthetically pleasing; I don’t want everything to be sterile gray metal or plain black and white. Now, though, I have a year to think about it.

I need to get started now.

Hope you can make it next year!


Today is the day!

The last piece – a hat. I’ve made hats before, from a pattern, so here I am going off what I remember and throwing something together. Wish me luck. I have very little of this light purple left and I don’t want to muck it up.

I have trusty groove salad on for ambient background music, which always helps to calm the nerves.   

Play by play later today, so stay tuned!

Much love peeps!

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Final fitting


Theresa is as excited as I am! look at that happy face!
 So after class yesterday we had our final fitting. The skirt fits perfectly and I just need to add some final touches to the bodice, throw together a hat and VOILA! C’est fini !

Needless to say, Saturday I will have some much better photos for viewing. She’ll have on full makeup and the hair will be done. Me – I’ll be comfortable in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt because I’ll be busy backstage, mingling with guests beforehand, and if we win anything I am running out there like a football player that just scored the winning superbowl touchdown. 

How “fitting” is that? Considering Sunday is superbowl day? Very punny indeed.

I will keep you posted as the big day arrives!

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Wordless Wednesday


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It’s show time!


Show has started! A big venue,  a big turnout, so far it’s all awesome.
Hope you can make it!