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Lazy Sunday 

Wolfie always finds a way to be right on top of what I’m working on. I almost had her buried under some material but when I went to get my phone for a photo, she moved. And it was the cutest photo too, you could just see her ears. 

The summer storms have started with some force and regularity, with big thunder and lighting and a small creek running down my street. Lola is afraid of these storms so she tries to hide under or behind me. She’s so soft and cute I don’t mind. Duke can’t hear much and Anna is ambivalent. The cats whine to come inside and then make themselves comfortable on my bed. At least they all have a safe place to be, and I’m happy to be able to provide that. 

Besides sewing I’m learning some new crochet skills! We’ve started a crochet-along at the library making a market bag. I’ve got 2 weeks to get the bulk of it done. It’s not difficult, just repetitive, which works for me because then I can remember what I’ve done. I need that muscle memory. 

What have you been working on? Anything new?

Enjoy your Sunday.

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Monday motivation 

   The weather was actually cool – er this morning, which was freaking amazing for this time of year. Which reminded me that I need to get busy with the fall garden planting.  If you don’t know, there is very little you can plant here in Florida in a vegetable garden during the summer months.… Continue reading Monday motivation 

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Hurricane Season 2015

This is what it looked like at my house the day after Charley hit in 2004. It’s been almost 11 years now, but we still hold our collective breaths when the season starts, and hope like hell that we don’t have another season like 2004. How stupid of us to think that just because we… Continue reading Hurricane Season 2015