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Lazy Sunday

puppy nap time
I did manage to find room to nap amongst the puppies

Today was an extremely lazy day. Got up late – which means 930a – had breakfast around 10a, then felt like napping around 11a. Which I promptly took advantage of with the puppies. When I go to nap, I have to get the blanket ready in advance of plopping myself down on the couch, and I have to choreograph that in advance, along with the blanket placement, because as soon as I make any subtle move toward the couch, the dogs are already jumping up to join me, so if I’m not careful, I could end up sitting on them. They aren’t terribly willing to move once they have settled on a spot, as you can see. Toby is between my knees, Anna by my feet, and Lola has wedged herself between the couch and my right elbow. Once we are all settled, I don’t move either. They are so comfy and warm and soft. It’s like having another blanket.

I should be working on my Trash2Trends project, but I have been in a constant state of physical pain, to some degree or another. This started about 3 months ago, when I had this muscle pain in my right leg. I went to a physical therapist, but they couldn’t help me, nothing improved. So I was referred to a chiropractor, who has been trying to help me, but nothing has improved and to be honest, it’s gotten worse. I wake up periodically with my right leg, from my hip to the back of my right knee, on fire with this excruciating pain. It would not go away and I had to take extra strength excedrin and an alevePM to get back to sleep, It disrupted my sleep and I don’t like being on drugs. The chiropractor directed me to get an MRI and sure enough, there is a bulging disc that needs correction. The NP I go to gave me some pain meds to get through the day. It takes the edge off, but I am still uncomfortable for most of the day, which is an improvement.

I go see a neurologist on Tuesday for a consult. I am not good with needles, nor do I want to take pain meds for the rest of my life, so at this point, I would rather have surgery than go on as I am. We shall see what the doc says.

On another note, the difference in charges for this surgery by different neurologists is astounding. At least $7500 between each one! This is one of the big problems with health insurance. I can compare the prices, which I like, but getting them all to agree on a decent price is crazy. It makes me nuts.

So I have not been feeling like myself lately, I haven’t been doing a lot of regular housework, laundry, dishes, sweeping; I haven’t been posting here or corresponding with my international friends; I haven’t been spending quality time with my husband or the puppies or kittens (save today). I don’t like being like this, I’m not being my true self and it feels off balance. I don’t like it. I am hoping for a safe and quick correction to this out of balance so that I can get back to my true self again.

I will see you around.


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