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I like copper

Copper is such a pretty metal, and it is so soft, malleable, and easy to work with. It also makes some pretty amazing colors when it’s being heated. I have a lot of fun when I’m working with it; adding silver, stones, beads and then putting it through the tumbler to see how bright and pretty it turns out…it’s a good day.

Copper is also said to have some metaphysical and healing properties to it. There’s not scientific evidence to back this up, but some people swear by it. One thing I find interesting, is that copper is an excellent conductor of electricity. There are scientific studies that show that the human body conducts its own type of electrical charges to move cells through the body. So it makes me wonder, if the human body carries its own electrical charge, and copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, maybe wearing a copper bracelet actually can help with circulation? Just a thought.

Although I’d be careful putting on too much copper, I wouldn’t want to spontaneously combust.

Be careful out there.


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