Lazy Sunday · photography

Lazy Sunday


Today is an especially lazy day, since daylight savings time starts today. I just learned the other day that Florida may go to DST all. the. time. Kinda weird. I don’t know of any other state that is on DST the entire year; they are a few that are on standard time all year round.

In my younger years I didn’t subscribe to, nor did I pay much attention to, circadian rhythm. Now that I’m older, or more aware or whatever you want to call it, I am highly attuned to the circadian rhythm. Being up north now during the winter has kinda messed me up, because once it turns dark, I want to get in my pajamas and go to bed. I try to follow the sun cycle as much as possible and keep my sleep cycle pretty regular.

DST doesn’t mess me up so much but I’m waiting to see what happens this year. Here in Ohio, it doesn’t get dark in the summer until 930p, which, on the one hand is awesome, on the other is not so much. I mean, holy crap, it’s gonna be light out until 10p?! Really weird. (I don’t know how people in Alaska do it.) 

So this is us today. I hope everyone has a great a lazy Sunday as we are.

Enjoy your day.


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