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Time to focus


It’s really easy for me to lose track of time and just sit around watching netflix with puppies. I found this the other day and could not agree more:

So yeah, guilt sets in that I shouldn’t be such a slug. If the weather was warmer I could take puppies to the park and we would both get some fresh air and sunshine and exercise but I am limited on what I can do here. And without a regular work schedule, time gets away from me and before I know it, it’s nap time and all I’ve done is sit most of the day.

hospital garb roll up holders

So I’m making lists (and checking them off twice) of what needs to be done. If I tackle stuff one at a time I am successful. I have to maintain kind of a blinders affect when I’m working because I can get distracted by so much else and then it gets to be overwhelming and I lose track of my main focus.

The struggle is real people.

I am making some paintbrush and paint roll up holders for my friend who sent me all this wonderful hospital garb to use for my Trash2Trends project this year. It’s really easy material to work with, so forgiving. That is where I am maintaining my focus right now.  That and I got my first shipment of my Darn Good Yarn yarn of the month club! woot! woot! So far some beautiful yarn and quick, simple, easy projects. I really like Darn Good Yarn; their products, their mission, their easy projects and free projects, they are just an awesome company. Check them out if you haven’t already.

So now I go back to focusing on my roll up holder projects so I finish them before I move on to something else. Which can always be an issue.

I’m trying to contain myself, really.


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