Lazy Sunday

Taking a relaxing day today, being Sunday, and the day before a holiday and all. We did go to the park this morning before it got really hot, and it’s expected to be really hot again tomorrow (why should that surprise me? It’s summertime in Floriduh). A friend of mine was going to drop by and invited me, and puppies, along to the dog park around 5p, but even then it’s still too hot to go outside. I’ve already heard some fireworks (which is not a good idea since it’s so dry here we have hundred acre brushfires) and I hope they don’t continue until late at night. Puppies don’t like it and we have a retired combat veteran in the neighborhood, he probably doesn’t like it either.

Remember this project? Well I have finished about 5 of these so far, and every time they turn out better and better. It’s an easy pattern to memorize, and each time I make a new one, I am getting better at recognizing what stitches I have just knitted, so I don’t need to tink what I’ve already done, saving some time.


I’m starting some crochet classes this week, so this should be interesting. I have some t-shirt yarn projects I want to start and I’ll need to learn to crochet to do them. Knitting with t-shirt yarn is a bitch, t-shirt yarn just doesn’t give like regular yarn.


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