I am working on a new dishcloth pattern and I don’t know why this is so hard, really; it’s just a knit and purl stitch, every few rows I’m mixing up the stitching, it’s not that hard, really. I think all the counting is throwing me off.

I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true. I lose count of how many rows of what stitch I’ve done and then I try to look at the stitches to figure out what I just did so I can undo what I did so I can go back and fix it. I’ve already undone this thing 5 times to fix the pattern so it all is symmetrical, but I failed at that and said to hell with this, it’s going to be an odd pattern but so what, I’m tired of undoing the damn thing. 

See how there is a larger gap of stockinette stitches between the garter stitch rows? That’s my dilemma. So now I have more rows of stockinette stitch on that part of the washcloth than is called for in the pattern. F*@?! It. This pattern has taught me the art of “focusing on the moment”, learning how to count rows of stitches properly, and recognizing what stitches I have done on the WS and RS. 

Nevertheless, I think it will turn out beautifully. 

I’m using the blue yarn I got from my yard sale score a few months ago. Awesome!

I hope you are having a less stressful day.


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