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Happy Earth Day!

Having a relaxing earth day watching Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix while finishing my knitting with the puppies sleeping next to me. And now…I nap.

But before that, I leave you with some information regarding Earth Day and what we can do as humans to make just a little difference in our world for the good.

As an example, here is what I do every day:

  • compost
  • recycle every possible thing in my house (my recycling bin is fuller than my garbage bin)
  • use bamboo toothbrushes
  • use Dr. Bronner’s soap for shampoo, laundry, and general cleaning
  • Use a solution of water and vinegar for a conditioning rinse
  • use cloth napkins
  • use canvas bags for shopping
  • use kitchen towels instead of paper towels
  • use reusable glass containers for storage and for leftovers
  • use a refillable jug/mug/cup
  • I’m a vegetarian

Here’s what I do when I fairly regularly:

  • grow my own vegetables in my raised bed garden
  • use rain water in my rain barrels to water the garden and other plants (as needed, my yard is xeriscaped for Florida, so I don’t water my plants nor do I fertilize with chemicals and my yard looks great.)
  • walk to the grocery store from work (so close and I don’t have to drive)
  • open the shades for natural light
  • donate unwanted clothes to goodwill/ATRS recycling
  • buy my clothes at goodwill
  • take naps

If we all do just one little thing, every day, collectively that adds up to one big thing, which can make all the difference in, and to, the world. I hope you’ll be inspired by these graphics to try something.

coral infographic

green goals

trash free seas
learn more here



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