Star Wars celebration of Goodwill 

Did you get that little play on words there?

The Star Wars Celebration today was awesome. We saw so many characters and had such a good time walking around ochecking ut the people and vendors. Just when we thought that we weren’t going to get any t-shirts, love and behold! Look what we found! Our local Goodwill had a booth of all their Star Wars merchandise! How awesome is that?! T-shirts were $5 each (can’t beat that!) so Sarah bought a few classics. They also had the original 3 movies…on VHS. Yeah. But how awesome is that that Goodwill had a booth there? Right there you have a trifecta: donations, repurpose, reuse- all good things. See? You never know what good things you’ll find at a goodwill.

And talk about some interesting things we saw there, check this out:

Yes, he played the batman song

A Lucasfilm approved tattoo artist

Generations of Princess Leia


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