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Lazy Sunday 

Whenever I say ‘Lazy Sunday’ I mean that in a restful, take a break, it’s a day of rest kind of thing. Not like, always be lazy. Lazy can be a negative term, but that’s not all it means (like with so many other words in the English language). have even been called lazy by some, even though that is not something that most people would call me. I have always been an active person, physically and mentally, but there are just some things that I am not inclined to do:

  • wash my car
  • sweep the leaves off my front stoop (that end up there every day)
  • clean a boat/jetski/hot tub/pool (I have none of those things on purpose and I can’t afford someone else to clean them)

I don’t consider myself to be lazy because I don’t do these things, these are just not high on my priority list. It’s more ecological to go to a car wash than to do it yourself; the leaves keep coming back every day to my front stoop, and they will blow away with the next storm, so why should I sweep them; and I don’t have a boat/jetski/hot tub/pool because I don’t find them to be necessities and as much as I would like to have them, I’m not inclined to take care of them and I can’t afford someone else to do it for me, so why have them? Does that make sense?

I guess I’d much rather spend time in my garden, with my pets, or napping. Or making and creating and being crafty and learning.

Maybe it’s an ‘with age comes wisdom’ thing, or maybe it’s a midlife crisis thing, or maybe I’m just getting old and cranky and I don’t want to do much anymore, but whatever it is, I like not having so much to do and not giving a damn about being called lazy.

Have a lazy Sunday, whatever that means to you.


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