Monday Motivation · photography

Monday motivation 

This may seem more like a Quote of the day post, but I think it applies here.

Today was just one of those days when I needed a reminder:

I sometimes feel like I’ve missed out on something and now I’m too old (I’m almost 50!) for me to start now because I’m too old and time is short or it would be ridiculous for someone my age to do stuff, etc etc blah blah blah…
Then I think “that’s a bunch of crap” because (God willing) I have another 50 years on this planet to do stuff, and I will get to do everything I am supposed to do in this lifetime at the right time I am supposed to do it, and honestly, when have I ever thought that I couldn’t do something, either because of my age or gender? Never. 

So there, nyah.

Have a most excellent, productive, doing-stuff day! 


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