What’s next?

Ever since the Trash2Trends show this past weekend, I’ve had several people ask me “have you thought of what you’re going to do next year?”

Actually, I have not.

I got some great ideas from the show that I’d like to make for myself – like the skirt made of ties, and the small basket-weaved bag made of ties; I also want to make some more of my handy every day bags, since those have been such a big hit.

I’m told they are just the perfect size to carry just what you need; not too big, not too small and the colors are fabulous! The only trouble is, I no longer have this material (shown), I found it at a thrift store in the linens/housewares section, which (I have found) is the best place to find large swaths of material for really cheap. (The material shown was from a bedskirt). And since I AM a thrifty person, and I did just participate in a fashion show about recycling, where else do you think I’m going to get my material from? (I also find some decent yarn there too!) 

I am busy practicing my knitting and trying out new stitches, I am learning how to use my serger, and I have been working on my jewelry. Did you know I made jewelry too?

Yeah, I went to vo-tech school to learn how to solder and melt and stuff. So cool. Hammering metal can be a great way to relieve stress. 

So…with all that going on, I really haven’t had time to think about what to do for next year. But, I’m sure I’ll think of something. 


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