Let’s get minimal

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So I watched a documentary the other day called ‘Minimalism

Have you heard of it? There are 2 guys called The Minimalists that have traveled around the country talking about their experiences and lives since living a minimalist life.

They say being a minimalist is not just about getting rid of things and living with less, it’s about having more of what you want: more time, more experiences, more contentment, all really important things that we miss out on when we keep accumulating more stuff.

I have been fascinated with this minimalist idea for awhile, and not in the ‘oh-this-is-a-new-fad-I-gotta-try-it’ sense, but in the ‘this-sounds-like-something-I-can-do-to-save-money-and-relieve-some-stress-in-my-life’ sense. I mean think about it, when you have less stuff to take care of/manage/maintain/dust/clean/organize, it frees up time in our life for other good stuff like naps, long lunches with friends, volunteer time at organizations you care about, and more vacation time with family.


So since I am planning on moving back to Ohio in the near distant future, I thought February (next month, tomorrow) would be a good time to start. The Minimalists have this thing called the 21 day journey to minimalism which outlines what they did to get to where they are now. Every day they tackle something that helps you pare down and get to your version of minimalism. Tomorrow, the first day, is decisions.

I should say that minimalism is different for everyone. While some people are ok with just ditching nearly everything, others may not be able to give up *all* their books, or cds or movies or photos, and that’s ok. Only keep the ones that bring you joy. 

Let’s just say that I’m a little nervous, but ready to start. BTW this can’t be all bad. These guys have done it and many other people have done it and lived to tell, so it’s not like I’m going to go into some hyperventilating shock and give up the ghost, no. But I am a terribly sentimental person, so with some items, this may take some doing. (These guys cover that in Day 6)

Tomorrow is Decisions. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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