Monday motivation – new use for old things: wine cork end stop

In my new quest to master knitting I’ve discovered that I need something to hold the tips together when I’m not actually knitting. Otherwise I end up losing all the work I’ve already done. And since I haven’t perfected knowing when I’ve lost a stitch and how to put it back on the needle, I need some help. And in my thrifty way, I found  a perfect solution.

Yeah man! All those corks I’ve saved have found another great use…needle stops!
I used my dremel tool to carve out some larger holes first (with a sanding bit), then used a drill bit to make a smaller hole inside the larger one, to accommodate the pointy ends of the needle. I also like the idea of using a cork because it gives me some space between the needles. I’ve seen some end stops that have the needles right next to each other and I’ve found that to be too close most times for me.

So how about that? I’ve spent very little money and reused something I already had into something else functional and wonderful. 

You know how I love to repurpose things!

What have you done today? 



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