Lazy Sunday 

We had a restful day today (even though it was 87F) and enjoyed quiet time and naps.
I went for a refresher knitting class today and was so totally pleased with how it went. In this class I only learned how to cast on and knit stitch, so I did a whole lot of that. I think I’m finally going to knit that kitty blanket I’ve been meaning to make for my sister’s cat. I’m only going to use the knit stitch, this way the repetition will create muscle memory so the next time I go to knit it will be automatic. 

I always find skeins of yarn at the thrift store and for cheap too so for now, until I feel really confident, that’s where I’ll get my stash. 
I’ve read where learning a new skill helps to keep away dementia and alzheimers and being the school geek I am, this works for me. If I could be a professional student, but have someone else pay for it, I’d do it. 

Enjoy your learning Sunday.


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