Lazy Sunday

Kinda lazy today, kinda not. Took the puppies to the park this morning, of course, and brought the wagon. I don’t know that I’m going to bring it anymore as Anna doesn’t seem to care to be carted around in it. She just uses it because I tell her to, but she’s too busy chasing squirrel to want to sit still. Plus I think it’s starting to get too much sand in it and the wheels aren’t running quite as smoothly.

Lesson learned. I’m still keeping the wagon though, it’s really awesome and great to use to go around the neighborhood.
wpid-IMG_20130421_085650.jpgOur holiday party at work is this friday, and I have some stuff to make that I need to get started on. I’m making some rum soaked banana bread which was a HUGE hit last year. I had people chasing me down asking where it was. Now mind you, I don’t add just a little bit of rum, I soak the bread once it’s baked to where you can set it on fire. It’s awesome.wpid-IMG_1441.JPGI’m finishing some holiday projects amongst working on my Trash2Trends project for next year. I also had a FAB – u – lous day thrifting with a friend of mine yesterday and I found a small Coach bag, still in good shape but needs a cleaning, so I am going to try my hand at a homemade leather cleaner for the bag.Jewelry profile

My mother is in north east Ohio right now, braving the snow and wind. She sent me a photo of the foot and a half of snow that she’s already got, and they are expected to get more. At least she will have a white Christmas this year! Me, I am praying for rain here, my grass and garden need it. I planted carrots, lettuce, onions, potatoes, some squash and sage so now I’m anxiously awaiting to see what comes up. I have been watering it myself lately, but it sure would be nice to get some free water, right?

fridgedoor 2254 761481328

For everyone getting snowed in, remember, nothing is forever. Take this time to slow down and relax and enjoy some quiet time. I currently have a cat sitting behind me between me and the back of the chair. Quality time I tell you.

Enjoy your day.


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