Lazy Sunday · photography

Lazy Sunday 

It was SO gorgeous this morning, we stayed at the park for 2 hours! YES! Puppies loved it and it made them extra tired.

I don’t know if it was the time change or the cooler weather, but it was a bit crazy at the dog park this morning. Lots of yelling and barking and whining and kids fighting and trying to hump each other, and not in the fun way. We stayed out of the fray by hanging out at this pavilion close to the woods and also close to parking. It’s funny about this pavilion, it’s like it’s invisible. People don’t seem to see you there, no one really comes by, it’s kind of nice. I usually hang back here when I come to the park in the evenings, so to keep out of the way of big dogs that scare Lola. She’s been run over so many times by big dogs that are playing, but they don’t realize how big they are to her, and poor thing gets tumbled in the dirt and is really scared.

Lola is funny though, for all her being scared of other dogs, she’s my alarm system. She will sleep in the living room at night and bark at whatever she thinks may be a threat. When I’m on the patio, she’ll stand guard and if she hears a strange noise, she’ll run into the backyard barking and snorting and huffing and puffing…like this little 10 pound dog will just tear somebody apart if they step foot in this yard! Although I have to say, Anna is her back up and she can be pretty fierce. People tend to back away from a 3 legged dog that ain’t afraid of people nor animals.

So I am working on some home made gifts for the holidaysearrings, small clutches, key rings – and some repairs – I really need to hem my pants for work and my heavy duty machine has a hem stitch that I have been dying to try out – as well as piece together my project for the Trash2Trends show next year.

Holiday gifts

And, of course, I need to work in a nap today. Thankfully I am off tomorrow, so I can catch up on some stuff. This time change throws me off every time. I follow the circadian rhythm so much that when it is dark at 530p, I just want to go to bed. Darkness = bedtime, right?

Anyway, I hope you have a restful day.


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