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gratefulness log

Today I am grateful for:

  • a xeriscaped yard
  • a water bowl for the neighborhood animals
  • a peaceful yard
  • a garden in bloom
  • easy mac-n-cheese

When I moved into my house, the first thing I wanted to do was xeriscape my yard. I am not big on wasting money and water in making sure I have green grass all the time. The earth doesn’t work that way, that’s why there are seasons and plants go dormant. Florida is one of the few states that seems to demand that homeowners make sure that their landscaping is pristine and manicured all. the. time. I have better things to do.

In the 20 years I have been here my yard has grown a LOT and to me, it is perfect. Lots of easy to maintain plants, I use no pesticides nor irrigation, and except for a dry season, I think it looks pretty damn good. (I have some uptight neighbors that would disagree, but I don’t maintain my yard for them.)


Since I am a big animal lover, and my cats are indoor/outdoor, I have left a water bowl in the front yard under the roof drip line, so when it rains, the water bowl gets refilled, which happens a lot. I know other animals use it to, there are a couple stray neighborhood cats that I’ve seen drink out of it. I think one of those stray cats lives in my front yard.

I’m glad that my yard is easy on the environment, easy on my wallet, and is a haven for all sorts of animals. I’ve seen raccoons and opossums come through here, there’s a couple squirrel nests in my bamboo and backyard tree, the mockingbirds have made a nest in my grapevine, and the lantana’s bring bees and monarch, zebra longwing, white peacock, eastern tiger swallowtail, and other swallowtail butterflies which are so beautiful and amazing to watch.

I am very happy and honored to be able to provide such a place for nature, to be a steward of this environment and to be able to preserve and protect it. I hope you can find the same joy in your environment. Enjoy it while you can.


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