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Lazy Sunday 

I did leave the window open, as it is quite temperate today and I have long needed to air out the car. Since the hurricane has passed, our weather has been very clear, as that goes once a hurricane passes by. It takes all the hot air and humidity with it when it leaves, so it’s clear and a bit breezy and not as humid, so it feels more temperate.

Whenever I do leave the car windows open, Wolfie takes it upon herself to nap there. I suppose because it’s comfortable (look at the blankets!), the car is covered so it’s not a hot car but it’s comfy, and it’s calm, as there are no smelly obnoxious dogs to bother her (that’s her opinion of the dogs, of course.)

Clean up yesterday was not too bad, I have a small pile of yard waste that needs to go but that is it. And my backyard is pretty filled in and green. It’s amazing what a lot of water will do for grass, right? We’ll see how long that lasts.

Other than that, we are relaxing.

I did finish all the small handbags (shown right), and I made some more wristlet key chains out of some of the leftover material. You know you can find wristlet key chains on my etsy site in a variety of styles and colors. I even made some out of yoga mat material.

I really like the handbag material, I wish I could find more. Since I found it at a thrift store, it’s not like I can go back there and buy more, I’ll just have to hope that I stumble upon it again. Such pretty complementary colors!

I hope you are enjoying your day.


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