Hurricane Matthew – and other such storms

This is the latest track for Hurricane Matthew, as of noon today. 

Yep, we’re in the cone, and as of 11a today we are under a hurricane warning. Which means we’re gonna get a lot of wind and rain for the next two days, and let’s hope this storm doesn’t change track and come across land. 

This is nothing new for us, people, so there’s no need for a huge panic. We know what to do, really. I really find it incredible that local EOC officials think floridians are “complacent” about hurricanes. I call bullshit. It’s not that we’re complacent, it’s just that we’ve done this before. Many times. We know what to pack, we know where the shelters are – especially the ones that take pets – we know we need water and canned goods and batteries and a full tank of gas and charge your cell phone blah blah blah. Saying I’m complacent about hurricanes is like saying people in Canada are oblivious to snow. Just stupid.

Now I’m off to get gas and refill my gallon jugs with water.Be careful out there people.


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