Lazy Sunday · photography

Lazy Sunday 

You would think that after over an hour at the dog park this morning, she would be a little tired. But surprisingly, it was cool at the park and the was a really nice breeze down at the lake. It’s amazing what a few degree drop in temperature will do for their demeanor. They were running and jumping and playing and getting all wet and dirty.

Since it has been cool-er, when we came home she went straight for the backyard. She lies in wait for the squirrels to run along the back fence and then she chases them…ferociously. Like they are evil beings that need to be eradicated. It’s funny watching a 3-legged dog run up and down the fence line, jumping up at the squirrel running by, all the while snorting and wheezing like she’s really gonna take ’em down.

I have to admire her self-confidence and enthusiasm, and faith in her convictions.

Hope you have a restful day.


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