Monday motivation – lazy Sunday 

Sunday was very lazy, as I did not do any yardwork nor did I go to yoga, but productive in that I did some much needed housework and I finished several sewing projects that I have had lying around for months years.

If you can believe that, (although I suppose you can), and it is almost embarrassing that I have had these things lying around for that long that I haven’t done anything with them.

It was a great feeling of accomplishment to finally finish these few minor things, and since I have been cleaning and clearing out, it was another feel-good bonus.

I’m also trying a little experiment of my own: I’m trying to see if staying out of the heat and humidity, even for short periods of time (and maybe even skipping yoga class?) during this time of year may help with my tiredness. I know I am “a woman of a certain age”, so I’m thinking that may also have something to do with it, and along with my under active thyroid, I have a trifecta of reasons for my lackluster energy. I’ll still make an appointment with the doctors for my regular check up, and ask about blood tests to make sure I’m not missing any important vitamins and such.

I don’t like being tired all the time. I have always been an active person, and I’d like to stay as active as possible for the rest of my life. I don’t want to become housebound at such a young age, and I don’t want my muscles and grey matter to atrophy. I also don’t want to become a whiny old lady always complaining about the weather and her health and how the weather is affecting her health. That is so boring and annoying. I don’t want to be that person.

Here’s to more rest and accomplishments.


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