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Here we go…

So the guys are here trimming the tree and I am trying very hard not to be too anxious about the whole thing. I mean, this is a gorgeous tree that is hearty and sturdy and gives me lots of shade; it’s been around at least 20 years and I really really don’t want the whole thing to come down. I don’t want them to go hog wild with the trimming, so I have been paying very close attention to what they are doing.

Plus, with brownies and muffins and gatorade, they are well fed and hydrated, so less likely to make any big mistakes. 

There is already a lot more sun, but this trimming should heal the broken parts of the tree and, I hope, help to make the rest of tree healthy again, so it’ll grow up and out some, and live a long life and give lots more shade.

Here’s to a healthy tree.


2 thoughts on “Here we go…

    1. thanks! I am so excited that they saved the tree, and now I am not worried about more branches falling. I am so excited to see how it’s going to turn out now that it’s been pruned!


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