Monday motivation 

I have yet to find a laundry bag for my “unmentionables” that is large enough, or one that doesn’t catch the hooks and twist the elastic so out of shape that I can’t wear them anymore. So I decided  to make my own. This is so simple: you’ll need an old pillow case and some velcro.

So I found me an old pillow case at the thrift store that was just a single (because I would hate to break up a pair) and still in good shape; no rips, tears, or stains. 

I measured how long my velcro needed to be so that I could close the opening of the pillow case:

I needed to make sure I had the right spot for the velcro, so I put a temporary pin of the velcro on the pillow case before sewing. Like my dad always said “measure twice, cut once”. Or in this case, “pin twice, sew once”.  Tearing out seams weakens the material and is such a time waster to me so I make triple sure I’ve got stuff pinned in the right spot before I put it in my machine to sew.

I sewed one side of velcro in place first, doesn’t matter which one:

Then I measured and marked where the other piece of velcro needed to be to match up with the other one, and sewed into place:

I finished sewing, cut off excess thread, put velcro together to guarantee a match, and put it to use!

I’m so happy! This was so easy to put together, was cheap to do and didn’t take much time at all. Hope you’re feeling motivated to try your own version. 

Happy sewing! Enjoy your day.


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