What just happened?

Toby is very tired after playing with the squeaky

This is all very surreal, what happened here this week. Roads are still closed, businesses are closed, vigils are being held; locally and internationally; we are constantly on the news, we still need blood donations, and the President and VP are both visiting today. 

We have monetary funds being set up for the victims, injured, and their families. Many local organizations are donating services. The outpouring of support has been incredible, it’s almost like a flooding of support, not just a pour, it’s really amazing and heart warming. 

Most of us are still pretty numb from all this. We still walk around with a dazed look on our faces, scratching our heads going “huh? What? Here?”

Yes, unfortunately, here.

Tensions are high, there’s a flurry of activity – more than our usual flurry of tourist activity – which has created a very weird vibe here.


A lot of us can’t believe what happened. We keep hoping that when we go to bed at night that we’ll wake up the next day and it will all just go away, it’ll all just be a dream. But it won’t, and it doesn’t. Taking a break or going to sleep won’t make it go away, but it will help us to cope, to heal, and to help, ourselves and others. 

May you have a restful day.


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