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Getting older is not for the faint of heart

I took this photo a couple months ago. I wanted to chronicle my fabulous haircut for future reference, you know, so that way I could show the hairdresser at the $15 haircut place –

$8 with a coupon

How I wanted my haircut.

I never get the same person twice so it’s never cut the same way twice. This photo chronicling is an effort in futility since something is always lost in translation.

So I’m looking at the photo thinking “that’s a lot of gray hair”

Yeah, it sure is! Now I know why people compliment me on my “highlights”.

“Highlights” not withstanding, my latest foray into “a woman of a certain age” is that my left wrist is hurting. I injured it as a young person, and now it’s getting worse to where I can’t put pressure on it and it’s impeding my yoga class. Not good. 

Now I need to see an orthopedic hand specialist. 

After this I fear it’s just a slippery slope into bifocals, sensible shoes, depends, a regular upper lip waxing, and shirts to cover my really flabby upper arms. 

I think my body is revolting against me. 


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