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Lazy Sunday 

Roberta with her brood. From left to right: Sammy, Roberta, Chico, Katie, and Rosita

Roberta is my dog sitter. I met her at the dog park. At first I thought she was a nurse who worked the night shift and brought her dogs after work (6am or so) to the park before she went home to rest and settle down for the day.

Then I realized the scrubs were a ruse. She’s not really a nurse, she just wears those clothes because they are durable and comfortable and have lots of pockets and she doesn’t care if they get dirty and wet. An excellent idea! So now I wear scrub pants from the thrift store to the dog park.

It’s already really hot here so we spend part of our time at the dog park under cover at the pavilion. Lola and Anna spend their time part resting and part chasing squirrel. Roberta’s charges usually stick with her. Sometimes we walk down to the lake and let the kids go swimming. Then we take a stroll through the woods. (LOTS of squirrel there).

And then we come back and sit.

These dogs sure have it rough, huh?

Enjoy your day.


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