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Quote of the day 


I can be a horribly over-anxious worried procrastinator. 

I can look at all the half-done work on my sewing table and get lost in the thought of where to start and “how am I going to get this all finished?”

I can meander around my backyard and look at all the weeds and brown grass and patches of sand with no grass and vines growing up tree limbs and wonder “how am I going to find the energy to get this all done before the exhausting heat of the summer?”

Which, in Florida, starts in May 

I have decided this year not to stress or get anxious. I have decided to do just one thing. 

Those three branches need cut? Got it. Three branches; that will be my one thing to do today. I’ve defined it so now I can do it.  I need to stitch together these 5 bag pieces? Got it, I can do that. That’s my one thing to do today.  I have yoga mat earrings to make? OK, I’ll make 10 pair, that will be my one thing.  And so what happens is I get to doing that one thing, which leads to another one thing, and another and another. Soon, I have completed a whole project without realizing it, and without the stress and anxiety involved in being overwhelmed by a huge project.

See how easy that was? 

Do you have a one thing that you do to get all the other stuff done? How does that work for you?

Here’s to getting things done, have a great day.


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