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Monday motivation 

Over the weekend I was working on some carry all bags made out of the leftover yoga mat pieces I had from the Trash2trends show. I have to say that yoga mat material is so very forgiving and easier to work with than I thought. 

It’s also a bit heavier than I thought too, but that’s another story

I cut the pieces, (bottom right), pinned on the pocket, (left), and searched my stash of canvas belts to use as handles (top right). It’s almost totally together and I’ll show you what I did later this week. 

It’s a really easy pattern to make a simple bag. What’s nice is you can make the bag any size you want, out of most any material, (new or repurposed, of course), and you can customize it with pockets! Or not, whichever you choose. I’m a big fan of pockets, so most everything I have or wear has pockets. 

I like being able to customize a simple pattern, there are so many possibilities, it’s kind of exciting! I can say I made something myself, and I made it unique!

Have a pocket-filled, exciting, unique day.


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