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Quote of the day 

Which is kind of where I’m at now. My Trash2Trends project is turning out so well I can hardly believe it. There are a few glitches and modifications, but it’s  not causing me half as much grief putting it together as I thought it would.  The mat material slides through the machine easy enough, I haven’t had my leather needles break, and the stitching is holding together. I am running out of thread though. I can hit the store tomorrow for a supply trip.

And my model is stoked to participate and we’ve had 2 fittings so far and it is fitting together very nicely. 

Now it is on to the bodice. That may be tricky. Since this is a strapless piece, I need to make sure that the bodice isn’t going to “fall open” at any time. (My model is wearing a camisole underneath so she’s covered, nevertheless, I want to make sure it comes together without any wardrobe malfunctions). 

The hat may be something else too. 

One week to go!


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