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Cut it out


I had a fitting with my model on Monday with the prototype I sewed together over the weekend and now I have a few tweaks to make. This choker, for example, is going to use a much smaller flower and thinner band around the neck. The back of the skirt is going to be shorter, and all the fringy pieces are going to be a LOT thinner and they’re going to double up. The pieces in the back will have to be a lot longer too. 

I have some photos forthcoming from the fitting, so once you see those you’ll have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

I am just so happy that all the pieces I cut seemed to fit, and fit just right. All my model did was give me her measurements  and I went from there. Using my handy dandy measuring tape – and the tried and true ‘eye-balling’ it method – it all turned out! Whee!

So I’ll work on it some more this weekend and I just might have it all done! Woot ! Woot !

As you can tell, Anna and Lola are thrilled for me:  


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