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Quote of the day 

I’ve noticed this alot lately, people that criticize something but they do the same thing:

“you’ve put on alot of weight” When they’ve gained 15 pounds

“that’s a really unprofessional attitude” When they talk condescendingly to everyone 

“you really need to clean more often” When their clothes are lying on the floor

“you eat like a poor person” When all they eat is fast food

“what do you spend your money on?” When they go shopping every weekend 

I’ve decided these people have their own issues and they aren’t ready to deal with them, so these issues are being projected onto others. I don’t take it personally – since I know it’s not true and it’s not about me – and I wish for their delusion to go away, and for them to stop talking to me.

I wish there was a pill they could take…


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